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Thursday, March 12th - To Do

Started Mar-12 by scapermom; 94 views.

From: scapermom


What’s up today?

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From: scapermom


So far, DD up, fed & out, laundry going, recycling, emptied dish washer, dog out & fed (seems back to normal). Kitchen cleanup tbd.

I have a 15 min HIIT workout saved to do when I’m ready.

Need to check on where the heck our passports are at. I’m sure that will take a good portion of the morning.

Started making a Whole Foods grocery list since I need more of the vitamin that I bought there. 

Should work on taxes. But will I? I really need to be in the mood for that.

DD has a dentist appointment at 5. 

Going to prep dinner early so all we have to do is heat & eat when we get back from the dentist.


From: friedchickn


Dh and dd have boarded their flight back home.  I'll be happier when my herd is all home.  

dog had me up at the crack of dawn cause he puked.  Did he hear me trying to confirm boarding?  lol

Just got back from breakfast with my friend.  They had the best damn yum.

My office chair gets delivered today.  Very happy about that.

Gonna practice piano and work on the utilities list for the theory they are taking over the utilities when they move in come June.  I won't be holding my breath.  But I said I'd put together what they needed to know as well as what it's been costing me....not that an empty house will be comparable to them living there full time but whatev....

After the chair shows....I'm gonna start in on the next batch of projects and phone calls since I made such great progress yesterday.  LOL.

I mean why not???? why take a moment and rest?  LOL

Tonight yoga...

and dd and dh should be home by 8 pm....


From: scapermom


What’s with the dogs & the puking? Mine just got over it. I think she ate something outside - DH thinks she caught whatever it was that was living under the shed & ate it...but there’s no evidence to that.