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Monday, March 16th - To Do

Started Mar-16 by scapermom; 79 views.

From: scapermom


What are you doing today?

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From: scapermom


Did something to my back yesterday... so going to take it easy today. It’s on my upper right side of course = the side I use most often. Can’t move my arm without feeling a twinge. May try to figure out a sling to keep it immobile for the day & see how that goes.

DD just finished breakfast & set herself up in her hangout room for online classes. She’s got her coffee & water. Says she’s also going to ‘vlog’ it for posterity. Whatever that!

It’s monday so I’ll see which of the House blessing tasks I can do left handed. Also going to follow the FlyLady missions this week so I have some sense of accomplishment. SO today it’s decluttering the main bathroom.

I’ll be trying to get steps in as well. Laundry of course too.

Last night we watched the Taylor Swift documentary on Netflix. I also watched the season premier of Westworld after. It was good, but a little slow moving - plus not caring so much about Aaron Paul’s character and feel like his set up was a waste of time... 

Giant piece of salmon that DH bought in costco to make for dinner tonight (& I’m sure days to come!)


From: friedchickn


Welcome to the new norm!!!!  #### this!!!

So...dh made breakfast and I'm on cleanup duty.  Lunch today is leftovers and I'm on cleanup duty.  Gonna try an iron skillet pizza for dinner...dd has final kitchen cleanup.

Dh is working and dd is starting the massive task of unpacking all of her stuff, finding the food and school stuff, and then repacking as necessary.  She is allowed to fully take over the single bay garage to do this until Friday. 

I have the usual list of stuff to do and I'm gonna try to do my best.  Went and got the dog from boarding and then had to give him a bath cause he rolled in poop....cause he always does.  Wasn't too bad now that we have hot and cold taps in the garage.  There's a frivolous project we did that turned out to be not so frivolous.

Gonna workout, practice piano, bills, emails, receipts...all the usual Monday jazz.  Hoping to get in a soothing yoga workout...maybe after dinner? Away from everyone, lol? And my 2:15 plank.