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Thursday, March 19th - To Do

Started Mar-19 by scapermom; 101 views.

From: scapermom


What’s today’s plan?

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From: scapermom


Realized it’s St. Joseph’s Day. May send DH out to buy pastries and then maybe give him the idea to deliver some to his parents? He could leave them on their porch since his dad is high risk. DH has been getting paranoid about having the virus since he’s been on planes from who knows where in the past weeks. He was at least wearing protective gear, but who knows? Other than allergies he’s been feeling normal though they scare you that you don’t feel anything for 14 days but could have it & spread it...

I haven’t gotten to laundry yet. Need to put out mail. I’ll work on taxes. The accountant wants us to upload documents to him somehow... 

I’ll continue with taking inventory. Got through the big freezer yesterday. Today I’ll do the small one.

Have to check into an online transaction that didn’t happen.

Want to do a walk at home video - at least 15 mins.

Today’s mission is the bathroom sink & countertop. Flylady converted errand day to doing online errands/orders. I ordered chicken from last night since the stores have none. Not sure when it will come, but we can use it. No other ‘errands’ needed.

I’m defrosting ribs for dinner. Leftover salmon for salads for lunch.


From: friedchickn


Met my friend for coffee at the ILs house.  It's empty and we can sit 6 feet away from each other.  LOL  We both needed to escape and there's no where to escape to.  Joked that we'd meet once a week there....should be enough time for any virus to be dead on any surfaces.  Afterwards, I put a coat of paint on the new door.

Stopped at the grocery and bought pasta and meatballs.  Bought a bunch of extra pasta for the food pantry bin.  I've been distracted and not doing my usual item each trip.

Cleared myself out of the laundry room.  Today is a dd laundry day.

She kindly cleaned after breakfast since I wasn't there. 

Her BFF left to go back home.  That's a huge relief...I don't need 1HM for an extended shut the girl.  But nope.

Yesterday the damn cat peed a couple of small times on the dog bed.  It's her modus operandi for "I have a UTI".  So I cleaned the dog bed and put the cat in quarantine in the downstairs bathroom.  I have a vet appt at's a whole #### show procedure to do now.  You remain in your car in teh parking lot.  Call when you get there and tell them what car you're in.  A tech comes to retrieve the animal.  Then the vet calls you to talk about what's going on. And a tech brings your pet back to your car.  Then the front desk calls for payment.'s the new world.  So I have that fun to look forward to....

I have a couple of bills to pay.

Piano practice.  Today is a long yoga....usually 45 min or more.

Dinner...steak tips, roasted brussels and penne with an artichoke pesto.

as a side note....dd told me she was worried we were going to run out of money.  So I sat her down and explained that yes....the market has taken a dive and that dad's retirement plans are pretty much squashed....but we're going to be fine.  Showed her our accounts and we talked for a bit....maybe check in with your dd


From: scapermom


Oh jeeze! We do need to have that talk. I’m sure she’s worried.

DH & I even had that talk on a dog walk just yesterday. He was concerned with college costs based on our old income vs. if he gets laid off due to this. I said we would need to let the schools know if our income changes and hopefully their aid would change along with that. If not, we may steer her in a different direction - like community college. 


From: friedchickn


I'm sure you're not the only family that's going to have to make some changes.  The future has been completely derailed.