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Sunday, March 22nd - To Do

Started Mar-22 by scapermom; 78 views.

From: scapermom


What’s on tap for today?

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From: scapermom


So DH decided to go to work today. Said he’d play it by ear and decide whether or not to stay & do the double while there. He was texting back & forth with his buddies last night and a few that he’s close with were going in. He said it’s basically a skeleton crew, so less people the better. I guess?

The FAA closed the airports in the area briefly yesterday, but we’re not sure why. I don’t see why they don’t just close them like they’re closing all the stores etc. too? Is anyone flying?

Doing a batch of his work clothes now so he has stuff for the week if he needs it.

I’ll do some vacuuming upstairs once DD emerges from her room. She wanted to get up early today. Ha,ha... But we finished watching Dracula last night and she was saying she will have trouble falling asleep after it. I wasn’t too bothered by it at least.

We’ll try to keep up with the 2 dog walk a day plan we’ve been doing. Couldn’t get anyone to do the driveway chalk art yesterday. But I left the chalk out & once it gets warmer than the current 30s we are out there! Looks like that will be a few days from now though.

May do a short walk at home video later on as well. 

I’ll work on a meal plan with what I have on hand. Realizing I should have bought some gluten free pasta for myself. I do have some zucchini & hearts of palm stuff, but the GF is more real... Maybe I’ll put together an online order? I heard the pick ups/deliveries were a week out plus lots of subs since they’re out of a lot. Speaking of, should be getting that chicken order in a week or so. Should track that.

More reading tbd. Movie or binging of a new series tonight.

Since it’s probably just me & DD for lunch & dinner we’ll eat leftovers.


From: friedchickn


.....venting....cause honestly only safe space....skip if ya want.....

All I wanted was to drink my damn coffee. But since Dh gets up hours before I do....I guess he’d been stewing in his own obnoxious sauce for hours.

He starts with...are we still going to brunch. A discussion that I thought we’d finished in a stalemate yesterday. I’m fine with brunch. It’s takeout only. I’m not interested in ordering for myself if we are going to a) eat it when we get home 45 min later or b) eat in the car (I hate eating in the car. I abhor eating in a moving car).  But I’ll happily go get a takeout brunch with you. You can even eat it in the car on the way home since that doesn’t bother you in the slightest. I offered up stopping at a lake on the way back and having a trunk picnic. He hated all of these options. Including the one where I just didn’t order and he could do what the #### he wants. Round 2....didn’t go better.

Now he’s pissy and starts in about the food which is ALL over the counters and to be fair in several large totes on the floor as well.  If it’s bothering you (implying it’s not bothering me) I’ll fix that today.  He starts just grabbing random food items and stuffing them in cabinets.  Like WTF.  I try nicely to suggest he knock it off before I lose the last shred of patience I have and unload.

Well. He stopped putting stuff away.

......vent over

After 2 peaceful cups of coffee...I moved all the food to the ground level where there’s a sizable awkward closet that I’ve been using as overflow for everything.  Took ALL the non food or cooking related items out to be dealt with later.  Dug up any and all boxes or bins to help organize the food. Found the portable speaker and set to my favorite station.  And fixed the problem.  It’s actually pretty awesome and still has a ridiculous amount of room left and I have some great ideas to make even more room if necessary.

Dh adjusted his attitude and came down towards the end of my new project to suggest that my picnic idea might be ok.  I accepted his olive branch in the name of all things Corona.

It was chilly but fun.  Food was great, beer was better.  Sunshine and fresh air felt wonderful.  We bought a bunch of extra beer...they’re a brew pub...and I gave our favorite starving waitress a handful of twenties.

Now....I’m hiding in my designated space where no one can bother me. On the net.  In my book.  With another beer.