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Tuesday, March 24th - To Do

Started Mar-24 by scapermom; 74 views.

From: scapermom


What’s happening today?

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From: scapermom


DH went in to work again. He’s possibly doing another double but then he’ll be done for the week at least. I’m worrying about his exposure. He says he’s being careful & washing hands a lot. But I’m reading lots of scary stories of people and how they were exposed to the virus - one guy bought flowers for his wife and got it from a brief encounter. Ugh!

DDs doing her online school thing. We got an email from the district superintendent that school will be from home indefinitely until the governor gives the word. So that’s fun. DDs starting to realize senior year is going down the drain. Tomorrow night was supposed to be her induction ceremony into the NAHS. 

I tried doing an online Grocery order yesterday - I am running low on onions and other produce, but all the slots (both pick up & delivery) for the next few weeks are sold out! That was one store though. Going to try the other 2 local ones today. 

It’s FLYLADY plan & play day so I’m thinking the grocery list counts for the plan part. I’ll read for play. 

Also going to spend some time in the master bedroom going through my closet. 

Pork carnitas tonight. Need to make some tortillas. Should have bought that press. Maybe I’ll order one today?


From: friedchickn


Look at's Tuesday.  I need an attitude adjustment.  Or dh does.  Or both of us do....I don't know.  Maybe I just need a night of actual sleep....damn cat puked at 4 am...and after cleaning...both upstairs and down...I just couldn't fall back to sleep.  I just kept going over and over how much better things were a couple weeks ago, which isn't very helpful.

We got about 9 inches of fresh fluffy powder.  Dh left shortly before dawn to go skin up and ski down.  Dd worked out and is now taking the dog for a winter stroll.  I just finished breakfast rounds 1 and 2...after dd eats, I'll clean the kitchen.

Did 2 loads of laundry yesterday.  Both need folding and putting away.  And I have a pile to steam....which may happen today or may happen tomorrow.

Once breakfast settles, I'll do my ROMWOD and my plank.

Then I've got a few calls to make before the lunch rush.  Lunch is leftovers.  Fridge looks better this week than last...but it's still early.  So far I haven't had to pitch anything but I have stuffed a bunch in the freezer in single serve.

Workout at 2.

Dd is on deck for dinner....said something about stir fry with chicken and broccoli.  So that means I have post dinner cleanup.  We ate the last of the lemon cake last night...I think I'll hold off on another dessert til Wednesday or Thursday.  

I'll probably practice piano while dd is cooking since then I'll be close for questions but not so close she feels watched.

Interesting observation....when dh was traveling, I was doing much better with portion control and snacking.  Since he's been back...I've had to be really diligent.  He'll load my plate with an equal portion to have 6 inches and like 60 lbs on me.  And he is constantly snacking...and it's hard to resist when he's crunching away next to me.