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Wednesday, March 25th - To Do

Started Mar-25 by scapermom; 84 views.

From: scapermom


What’s on your list today?

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From: scapermom


So DD got bad news last night about her teachers little daughter being killed. The principal sent the emails to the parents about it and asked for them to use their judgement. I hadn’t even gotten the email yet and Dds friend told everyone. Sigh. Stupid people. So we’ve been doing lots of talking about that and what they can do for the teacher etc.

So other than that it’s the usual Wednesday - bills, filing, taxes, laundry. 

DH is home, so he’s helping in the kitchen at least. 

I should check where the chicken I ordered is at. 

Made my own breakfast sausage with the leftover pork that didn’t fit in the instant pot last night. I ground it in the food processor. Not great, but worked good enough. Used Alton brown’s recipe. A little salty, but good! 

Thinking dinner will be leftover pork carnitas, there’s plenty.


From: friedchickn


Up and at em.....

dh is already "at work".  dd just finished working out.  she'll have breakfast and then start her classes.  I'll clean the kitchen and check on the laundry situation.  I still had a few items drying.

Working at the food pantry today 11-2.  Apparently we will be loading the carts with food and bringing them out to people's cars.  Ok.  Sounds doable.  

Need to do cat litter and see how my little experiment is going.  Composting has been going much better now that I moved the container to the freezer.  And it's part of my after lunch task list...dump the container.  Gotten into a good routine.

Running low on some walgreens stuff.  So I'm putting together an order.  They're offering free delivery...although I'd be fine with in-store pickup, or parking lot pickup as the case may be.  I'd rather get that going sooner rather than later just in case it takes a few weeks.

Practice piano and workout at 4:30.  I'll do my ROMWOD and plank after the kitchen gets cleaned.

Today's random tasks....

Need to install zoom.  Gonna have drinks with my ladies by zoom on Friday.

Want to look into CBD cat treats....currently the vet has the damn cat on kitty prozac.  I'd prefer she be INTO  her dosing....rather than me holding her down and dosing her.

I need new sheet music.  Then I need to figure out how to get it to my piano instructor.

And.....I still havent touched the household binder.  It's scary.  may have to set a timer for 15 min and just start.


From: friedchickn


Oh that's sooooo sad.