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Thursday, March 26th - To Do

Started Mar-26 by scapermom; 92 views.
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From: scapermom


DD up, fed, in her room doing online school

DH up & fed, on his computer.

Me, Up fed, kitchen cleanup, collected & put up laundry, unloaded dishwasher, reloaded dishwasher.

Still need to do bills & file. Blew it off yesterday. 

Need to come up with a plan to help DD figure out her college choice. She’s in limbo with it and not being able to do those last few visits really messed it up. 

Today’s cleanup mission is MBrm nightstands. Also virtual Errand day. 

DH is going to grocery for his parents either today or tomorrow. Then he’ll deliver to their porch. I’ll make a list of what I need for him too.

Took out ground beef for dinner. Not sure how I’ll make it. Lunch will be leftovers. 


From: friedchickn


We are all up....and falling into a fairly normal routine.  Which is nice.  Finally.  Most of the skirmishes have died down....for now.

Dh is fed and in his office.  He has back to back calls til noon.

I dropped dd about 4 miles outside of town with the dog for her run.  Hit the post office on the way back.  She'll eat and then I'll clean the kitchen. 

Lunch is leftovers.  Dinner will be skillet pizza...they requested it!!!  Works for me.  I'll start a dough in a bit.  and I want to download the recipe to my ReMarkable tablet and set up a recipe folder.  I read up on how to do it the other day and it looks fairly easy.  Making an apple/pear bread pudding for dessert.  

Today is the long yoga workout....uggghhh.  It's usually pretty intense so I might save that for after dinner.  2:15 plank too

Couple check statements to reconcile.  And the stack of mail to deal with.

Need to vacuum the master bedroom and the gym.


continue to struggle through a walgreens order.  sigh.  so many things are out of stock but available in store but I can't go in the store or order it how do i get it?  Not alot of answers.

And I should do a load of laundry since the laundry is mine today.


From: scapermom


Yeah got an email today from walgreens on how they are doing a pickup window for all goods. They’re using what was the pharmacy drive through. Not sure how the order is placed though or how the ick up is managed.

Luckily I had just picked up my 90 day supply of meds prior to all this happening. 


From: friedchickn


I got the email AFTER I figured out a bare bones order....sigh.  If this continues for another month I'll have to deal with it....I'm sure.