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Saturday, March 28th - To Do

Started Mar-28 by scapermom; 78 views.

From: scapermom


What’s happening this weekend?

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From: scapermom


Crappy rainy day. Supposed to rain until Monday here. But at least the birds are out & singing! 

No dog walks, so going to need to do some walk at home videos. DH & I are continuing plank challenge. He’s of course doing better than I am.

Also keep tossing around him taking sick days to stay home instead of going in. Though the airport is pretty much a ghost town and he could be laid off anyway.

Rest of day will be laundry, decluttering, prepping some grab & go breakfasts (if he does decide to go in), some reading and some Netflix - didn’t start watching that tiger king show yet.

I’m thinking we’ll finish off some leftovers today. There’s shredded pork, veggie soup, grilled chicken thighs (dh scored at the grocery), one burger and 1 salmon filet. Various sides & salad. Oh & DHs mom gave him some beef she made that was frozen the other day.


From: friedchickn


Dh went skiing this morning.  I hid until I heard the car leave and then had a blissful morning by myself.  AHHHHHHH.

Went out to get gas for the truck.  Oil for the chainsaw.  And eggs and breakfast sausage at the farm stand.

Dh put the closet door back up in the ILs place and I slapped another coat of poly on the new door saddle.  Picked up all my tools, since last time they scattered them everywhere and it took me forever to find my stuff among all their friggin boxes.  Not this time.  LOL.  They are bringing another Uhaul load up on Monday....seriously....just stop and get a damn mover.  They told dh that they don't want to interact with no family dinner.  I'm relieved...on about a dozen levels.  

Dh finished cutting up the pine that fell this fall.  It'll make great firepit wood.

I did the cat litter, put a coat of paint on the new boot tray he made last weekend and refilled the soap dispensers.  dd is currently making the dump run.

Leftovers for lunch.  Our friend's burger joint for dinner....takeout, of course.

I've got a few more random tasks and things to order and then I'm thinking of curling up with a book.

This evening....more Tiger King!!!!