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Tuesday, March 31st - To Do

Started Mar-31 by scapermom; 87 views.

From: scapermom


How are you ending March? 

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From: scapermom


Starting to feel like I’m doing so much, yet accomplishing nothing...

I think all the years as a SAHM should be giving us an edge at least. 

Dds doing online school.  DH is at work. He said there’s not a lot to do. They’re basically prepping planes to be parked.

I’ll finish cleaning up the kitchen, laundry is in the dryer. Then I’ve got some financial info to gather & upload for the last college DD applied to that they’ve said they need. Also should work on the taxes. I have the census papers too. 

Mission is to put out hot spots in living room.

Rainy cold miserable day, so no dog walk unless there’s a break at some point. 

I’ll do a walk at home for some exercise. Then plank challenge after DH comes home. I made it to 1 min! Woohoo! DH has added in push ups as well. DD & I do them, but girly style.

Got to catch up on podcasts yesterday. Today’s goal is 1 or 2 of the youtube videos that I follow. Maybe while I fold clothes.

DH stopped at Costco yesterday on the way home & picked up a few things he thought we needed. So need to figure out the best way to make this beef he bought. I’m thinking a stew like thing in the IP.


From: friedchickn


#### March!  

Had to get that out....

Dh got paid.  I'm very very thankful.  So I'm gonna pay some bills.  

Dd is currently working out...she's the last one for breakfast...then I'll clean the kitchen and run the dishwasher.  I have a load of laundry to fold and put away.  Might do that to a podcast...cause that sounds like a brilliant idea.

Get my ROMWOD on...and my plank.  Last day of 2:15.  Was hoping it'd be easier before I got to 2:30.  Nope.  LOL

Emptied the cooler yesterday...need to make sure it dried and then put it back in storage.

I've got my first piano lesson via FaceTime at 1:15.  Not sure how that'll go....but hoping I can dump 2 of my pieces and start a search for a new piece.  I love the new piece I found last maybe there is hope.  

Working out at 2:30 with dh.

Lunch of leftovers.  Then I'm going to take a pass and freeze some stuff that needs to go.  I was hoping that yesterday's all leftover day would have put a bigger dent in things.  And it just didn't. yoga teacher is going to try to do a short class via Zoom.  She asked a few non-judgmental people to be her victims....and I'm so glad she thought I was non-judgmental.  LOL.  I mean, I try.  Dd is in charge of dinner...massaman curry, I stacked all the ingredients and the recipe.  

TV...we are finishing up The Outsider on HBO


From: friedchickn


I think having been a SAHM we are both better and worse off.  LOL.  

I can't (and won't) do everything.  We are 3 adults and while I realize one is working and one is schooling, they can and WILL help out.

So far everyone is on board with that.  let's see how June looks....LOL