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Wednesday, April 1st - To Do

Started Apr-1 by scapermom; 87 views.

From: scapermom


New month of things to do...?

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From: scapermom


No April Fools’ today! I don’t think anyone is in the mood!

DH left at the crack of not even dawn to go in to work for a double shift. Then he’s done for the week. He tried not to wake me, but I’m such a light sleeper... took a bit to get back to sleep after, then my alarm went off. DD’s finally been getting herself up. That extra hour has made all the difference, who knew? She even has time to put her contacts in. 

Laundry’s in. Kitchen cleanup tbd.

Today’s FLYLADY mission: For today we are going to welcome in the spring and sweep our front porches, shake out our welcome mats and wipe down the front doors.

Still have some paperwork from yesterday to do along with bills. I finished tax workbook, now I have to figure out how to get it to the accountant. Also need to see if we get more time or not. Heard it was only if you have to pay? Not sure tho.

My sister wants to try doing a Google hang out? With me later when she’s done with her students.

No rain so at least one dog walk. Maybe a yoga session for me. Oh and plank for just me & DD.

Going to attempt watching Tiger King again tonight. I tried last night but it wasn’t working - apparently everyone else in my neighborhood was trying to watch it too? Kept getting the %circle every few minutes so I shut it off and channel surfed instead and played Emoji Blitz.

Rice Ball casserole tonight for dinner. Leftovers are piling up here too. DH said he was going to take something for lunch but didn’t. Should have packed it for him last night... Think I’ll pack & freeze what we don’t eat for lunch later.


From: friedchickn


Doesn't feel like a Wednesday.  Not at all.  

I've got a pretty busy day ahead...which is nice.  

First up...when I'm done with this.  My ROMWOD and plank.  Then I'm going to strip the bed and change linens.  I'll have to wash them tomorrow cause I won't have time today and Wednesday is dd's day to laundry. I also have to fold the stuff that's air drying, so she can have the rack.

Cat litter, gather trash.  And a dump run.

Need to pickup my bread order from the little bakery.  Black pepper cheddar bagels and a rosemary baguette. 

Helping at the food pantry today.  For like 4 hours!!!  Geeeeeeezzzz.

So not sure when I'll be able to get into the gym.  But I'm gonna try.

Piano practice.

The stupid, hopefully dry, cooler that needs putting away.

And a squat challenge I signed up for with my yoga instructor.  No lack of fitness going on over here.  LOL.  

There will also be a dishwasher run.  2 kitchen cleanings (breakfast and lunch). A compost dump....which is going really well I might add.  And some light tidying....of course.

Dinner tonight? Takeout.  Only 4 places left in town so they pickings are getting kinda slim.  I honestly don't care I'll let my family fight it out.


From: friedchickn


oohhhh.  I like Flylady's mission.  Might have to sneak that in.

Lots of people have been having internet's a thing.  Capacity is off the charts!!!