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Tuesday, May 5th - To Do

Started May-5 by scapermom; 69 views.

From: scapermom


What’s on today’s list?

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From: scapermom


1st breakfast shift & cleanup done. Everyone but me ate, I’ll do a 4 min workout then have my shake when I get hungry.

Laundry is going.

Gov finally made the call yesterday, no more in person school. DDs pretty devastated. Her group is all feeding off each other’s depression about it. I don’t blame them. Even seeing some of the parents FB posts are depressing me... Waiting to see what the school comes up with as far as all the senior events go.

Dog walks tbd. Family plank and arm workout. Though DH was saying how we should switch off to other things if we really want to train properly. I figure at least I’m doing something. Maybe I’ll do some bike today or a band workout? Not a lot of choice unless he wants to pull the rowing machine up from the basement & oil it up... I’ll look for some videos.

A couple of things to finish from yesterday’s house blessing tasks like vacuuming & mopping. 

We have a parent ‘lunch & learn’ online at noon with one school, and then a parent chat with another school in the evening (can’t find the time for that one). 

DH is going to attempt a costco run today. He went to CVS yesterday & got the alcohol wipes for his dad. So he’ll get the rest of their list today then bring them their stuff later.

Should write out & send a card for a family birthday this week. I have a stash of those.

Took out chicken breast to make something with for dinner.

Hoping to watch some of the shows that are piling up on my DVR tonight like Outlander and 911


From: friedchickn


Sorry about dd.  That just sucks.  And I agree...they feed off of each other's emotions...


From: friedchickn


deeeeeep breath.....I can do this, it's not that bad.  Maybe my new mantra....sigh.

Well, I probably could have slept like a log last night if the damn cat didn't wake me every 30 minutes.  So I'm dragging...and cranky.  I recognize the cranky cause dd started popping me with questions while I was still nursing my first coffee and I nearly decapitated her.  Kid, 20 years later, let mom get some coffee in first....geeezzzzz

She's currently in the gym, then I'll make her breakfast and finish kitchen cleanup round 1.

It's taco tuesday!!!  Dh made an enormous mess last night while making a marinade for tonight's tacos.  I actually had to leave the house....I could feel my blood boiling.  Walked that #### off.  Thankfully, it was mostly restored to normal when I got back and my attitude was better, not great but better.

So tonight is Margaritas and tacos, with a fresh pineapple salsa and homemade tortillas!

It means I can work on prepping tomorrow's dinner (maybe). Also need to grind some dried oregano (has to happen).

Might make a walgreens run....want to get a mother's day card and an anniversary card (end of month) and look for anything else I think I might need....cause that's how I shop now.  Piles and piles of, i wish.

My spare fridge should be getting delivered today.  I am ridiculously excited....especially after I had to completely redecorate the inside of my fridge to accommodate the pork marinade last night...while pissy which is always dangerous.  We had an old spare fridge back in NH, and decided we weren't gonna need it in our new childless I have 3 kids to feed.

The propane guys are supposed to show up too....I didn't get a call, so does that or yes?  I need step 2 done, so I can move on to step 3....and be done.

Facetime piano lesson after lunch.

I've got my crossfit workout, romwod, and plank.  Zoom yoga at 5.

Today's randomness: got instructions for how to get my ILs Maine plates for their's ridiculous, so I'm going to manage this process with MASSIVE oversight.  The out-of-state sentiment up here is NOT I'd like to get the NH plates off their cars before someone burns a cross on their lawn....sigh....

Also need to scan 1 recipe.

And come up with an anniversary idea...its' the end of the month and I have nothing....