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Wednesday, May 6th - To Do

Started May-6 by scapermom; 63 views.

From: scapermom


What’s on your list today?

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From: scapermom


Got dd up fed & off to online school. Dog’s been delt with as well.

DH & I are doing the IF thing so wont ‘break our fasts’ until we feel real hunger. Which for me has been around 11ish. 

Have laundry going - in fact just heard the bell that it’s done & needs to be moved to the dryer. 

Then I’ll do my 4 minute workout, have my shake & get cleaned up.

I have a hair appointment across the street at 11:00. She’s set up in her garage. We’ll wear masks. She’ll cut & apply color. Wash out & style is up to me. It’s cold & a bit nasty, but I’m desperate! 

I promised my friend we’d make a congrats video For her daughter who is graduating college. So we have to figure something out for that.

also need to Check on orders. Got one yesterday, another is in the limbo fedex facility. They keep saying they will deliver by end of day, but dont.

Got out the cards, but didn’t pick one to send. So I’ll do that today.

I think tonight is the Survivor finale? Or a 2 hour episode at least.

Took out ground beef to make something for dinner. 


From: friedchickn


Still not sleeping well...and it's starting to really pull me under.  Tonight I'm popping a gummy...I can't take it anymore.

Up early...not that it mattered...I was awake.  Worked the food pantry 9-noon....outside shift, so basically crawling in and out of people's filthy cars...also managed to get clocked in the head when a tailgate didn't hold up.  Sigh.  Home to change clothes, down a second coffee and swallow a fist full of ibuprofen...

Picked up my bakery order, ate a scone like a savage in the scone!!!  don't touch!!!!  lol.  Swung by my ILs to pick up the 2nd check for the 2nd registration...thanks for making a difficult process even more difficult by not just letting me take all the papers for both cars at the same time...ya know cause they're pulling over old people who don't leave their house and asking for registrations a ton these days....but's done.  Mostly done.  I have the plates to still drop off cause he was "gonna take a nap" and "didn't want to be disturbed".  Are you #### kidding me?

Electrician finished the generator...nicest guy ever.  So that project is done.  He added a separate panel for the hot tub which wasn't on the contract but a "good idea"...I didn't bother to ask how much...#### it.

I'm just trying to regroup before prepping dinner and moving on with my day.  I'm just wiped out.  mentally, physically....all of the above.  

So....assuming I don't just collapse...

Dinner is a tourtiere pie...its a canadian meat pie recipe that I'm really excited about.  Gonna roast some asparagus to go with...cause it needs using.  

Workouts: ROMWOD and plank will absolutely happen.  Crossfit may....or may not.  Might push it til tomorrow.

Piano practice.

Cat litter and a dump run. needs his heartgard, cats need their frontline.  walgreens challenges.  scan 1 recipe.

And I still need an anniversary idea....