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Thursday, May 7th - To Do

Started May-7 by scapermom; 62 views.

From: scapermom


What’s shaking today?

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From: scapermom


I’m on the too little sleep train and need to get off... also had a bunch of weird dreams last night. 

1st breakfast shift done. 1st dog walk done. Laundry going. Should feed the dog. Kitchen cleanup later.

Workouts tbd

Flylady mission: eh I’ll take a look but I think mine is in pretty good shape.

Your Mission for today is to declutter your plastic wraps and foil drawers, cabinets or shelves. We all have a spot that we keep these items and there is always one empty box in there and some lone baggies that are trying to escape. Toss the empty boxes, the rolls of plastic wraps that are too stuck together to work, and those strays that you are not sure if you should use them or not.
This is quick and easy! Have Fun!

It’s virtual errand day as well. DH is going to try to get to costco for us & his mom, but is dreading the long list. 

Need to get some bank stuff together for him. Don’t even know if it’s open.

Needto send the little congrats video we made to my neighbor.

Took chicken legs out for dinner. Probably should make a new batch of bone broth, almost out.


From: friedchickn


Up bright and miserably early...thankfully I took something last night and probably would have slept til noon if my momdar hadn't gone off to the sound of the dog puking.  Sigh....oh least I got a few hours of quality sleep.

So....breakfast is done. Kitchen cleaned.  Laundry started.

Got a call from the kid's food pantry that they were low on I drove out to the big store and stuffed a cart full of single serve crap.  Also snagged a case of small bubble wands...should be a nice treat.  Dropped that off on my way home and hit the PO.

It'll be lunch soon...leftovers for one and all...then I'll clean the kitchen, again.  Flip the laundry.

Never got to do that cat litter yesterday so I HAVE to get that today.

Also didn't scan a now I need to do 2.  I'll be happy when this little project is done.

walgreens challenge...a romwod and the plank.

piano practice.

Random....order more frontline, call propane guys and pay for the connect, send in my book list to the library for April...they're putting together an order, and submit bakery order.

The gals and I decided last night to have wine and snacks and go over the book order together tonight....but after a night to think it over, one of the group is getting squirrely about a get together.  So I don't know if it's on or off....sigh....