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Friday, May 8th - To Do

Started May-8 by scapermom; 54 views.

From: scapermom


What’s on your list today? (Late but not forgotten)

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From: scapermom


Somewhat of a spiral out of control day...Knew more rain in the forecast so took dog for walk early. Laundry just got finished.  

Went outside to try to figure out how save my veggie garden since we’re expecting frost tonight. Beans don’t look so good already. Garlic is pretty hearty and I cut down the green onions. I have a plastic greenhouse top that I’ll put over it all later in the day. Then I’ll hope for the best.

Got 2 deliveries today. One that I ordered back in mid april. So did the whole wipe down thing. Have to remember to put the lotion on my hands at night, they are getting so dry!

Have an online college thing at 2. Need to remind DD. (I’m her secretary at this point).

DH keeps trying to rearrange my kitchen... good thing he’s going back to work monday! 

He went way off list yesterday at Costco. So we’ll be having some of the extras he bought tonight. Preseasoned spicy chicken and maybe pasta with broccoli? I’m going to try freezing some of it.


From: friedchickn


We did end up having a bit of a get together last night.  4 ladies, including myself, in a rental house that's not currently occupied.  Everyone brought their own drinks, snacks and stayed in their own corner of the room...and boy did we felt good.  Of course this morning, I was more than a little hungover.  LOL.

Breakfast done, kitchen cleaned and dishwasher started.  Made the english muffin dough, cleaned and chopped broccoli and made jello shots, figure we need a fun treat.  Cleaned the kitchen again, unloaded the dishwasher.

Did my ROMWOD and plank.  Picked up eggs at the farm.

The plan is to do the workout at I guess I'll do the english muffins at 3?

Piano practice.

Dinner is bourbon chicken with broccoli and brown rice.

And if I find time, my tree markers came in...I'd like to get those done before i lose track of what's what.