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Monday, May 11th - To Do

Started May-11 by scapermom; 71 views.

From: scapermom


What’s going on today?

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From: scapermom


Doesn’t feel like a Monday...

Stubbed my toe something awful this morning when I got up. Pinky nail cracked & bled. Ugh! Great way to start the week! Can’t even put my sneaker on so I guess no dog walks for me today! Grrr

ok so I hobbled around & got 1st breakfast done & a wash put up. DH decided to use more sick days and is home (for the week I think?)

DD got a message from her principal that the Wednesday pick up of caps & gowns has been cancelled since it violates a mandate from the governor!? WTF? But curbside pick up of food is allowed? Makes no sense. But resulted in More senior sadness here...she was looking forward to doing that. The principal & staff are trying to figure out how to get them delivered along with yearbooks and everything else... wondering if I should keep my mouth shut or rally the PTA ladies to get this done somehow...?

ok it’s monday so house blessing tbd. Waiting for the throbbing in the toe to subside then I’ll continue with what I can do. Need more coffee too.

Flylady Mission: 

We are back in the bathroom! Here is a really simple mission for you. Clear off the counter tops and flat surfaces, put away the medicines, the toothbrushes, the cosmetics, etc. Bathroom counters are hotspots for all of us but we don't think of them as hotspots because we think we NEED the stuff, so we just let it sit. PUT THESE THINGS AWAY! Do not get sidetracked with emptying out your cabinets and drawers. Just get rid of the stuff that is on the counter-tops and other flat surfaces.
Do you have a coat closet or hall closet? This is our extra room today! Set your timer for 15 minutes and declutter and spruce up this area. We are moving closer to summer and we do not need winter items everywhere. You can take this mission into any closet in your home if you do not have a coat closet or hall closet.

Something with ground beef for dinner tonight. Was thinking BBQ bacon burgers.


From: friedchickn


Bathroom surfaces are kept clear, except dd's bathroom...and I'm just not going there.

Gonna use my 15 min to repot a bathroom plant and then tackle the mudroom...while it did snow last week, we don't need ALL those hats and mittens.


From: friedchickn


So I was laying in bed and trying to figure out why the F dh needed to shower at 5 am.  Like whyyyyyyyy?????  My sleep has been so choppy lately.  Apparently fell back asleep and didnt ask when he got out.  When I finally gave up on sleep, I remembered....he had an eval with an eye doctor to see if he could have lasik done AGAIN (it's been 20 years).  And the doc is in Portsmouth....3 hours away.  Ahhhhhh....gotcha.

So....I've had a quiet morning to myself.  LOL.

Dd just got up, worked out and managed to tweak something in her shoulder.  So now she's a whiny mess.  It's always someone....


It's Monday and I'm determined to go into this week with a better attitude.  While they may be lifting some lockdown items, things around here are getting depressing.  My fav Italian restaurant has decided it will not be opening back up...they are taking an early retirement.  And the dairy farm where I get my cheddar sold off all their dairy cows...cause it was either that or put them down.  So while I know that we will come out of this....I just don't know what life will look like anymore and it's sad.  Really sad.

So....let's focus on what we can do and what we do have.

First up....bills and receipts.  Distribute week money.  

Then I'll clean up my email....cause I do use it as a remote to do list....and for just about everything.  I've got recipes, gift ideas and all sorts of things to follow up on.

Today's workouts...ROMWOD and I'm upping the plank to 2:45.  Crossfit will be later this afternoon.

Meals: Lunch is leftovers. Dinner will be zuppa toscana with homemade dinner rolls.  Also gonna throw together a bread pudding with some freezer stash.  Cause the freezer still needs help.

Piano practice.

Random items: repot the bathroom's outgrown it's home, which will require getting potting mix.  Move the fig trees back outside.  And 15 min in the mudroom aka flylady.

Should be a light day....hopefully


From: scapermom


Same here. But I went into DDs bathroom and put all her crap into the various holders I’ve gotten her. All the time thinking what the hell is her dorm room going to look like?!  Also need to find some sort of holder for her millions of scrunchies...

Yes! I hate this in between weather. I’d like to launder all the winter stuff & put it away. But every time I think of doing it, it’s cold again. Looking like after Wednesday of this week we will be headed in the right direction. Fingers crossed!


From: friedchickn


Her dorm room will look like apes attacked a case of potato chips....with a hose.

Personally I love when dd gets to complaining about how her roommates didn't clean this or that and how gross it is....I just smile.....

She's a pig.  I guess I missed on that one....LOL