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Friday, May 22nd - To Do

Started May-22 by scapermom; 71 views.

From: scapermom


What’s happening today?


From: friedchickn


Headed to Portland in a bit for another round of laser on my tattoo.  It's a haul...but I'm happy to be getting back at it.  I probably have 4 more sessions at least, so ....let's get this show going!!!

No clue what I'll get done when I get back....or if I'll just call it a day. I'm leaning towards a great big #### It....but we'll see.  I'm not know for my motivation at 9 in the morning.

Only thing I have to do today....1 load of laundry, a check statement and order 2 ceiling fans....totally doable.

If I get motivated....a crossfit workout, romwod and a plank.  Piano practice.  

Dinner is takeout.  Somewhere.  I don't care where.

I should probably also start on my next meal plan and grocery list.  I have 1 last dinner on deck and the grocery list is getting long.  

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From: scapermom


Somewhat usual morning. Up after not sleeping enough. then got breakfast going for DD. She’s doing class now. DH got up early too and made breakfast for both of us. 

I got laundry going. Next Ill spend some time on the bike. 

Dog walk early since it looks like rain any minute. 

DHs parents were exploding yesterday. His dad hit his neighbors mail box. His mom went ballistic. Wants to take away his license and dump the car... dh handled it thankfully. sigh!

Wanted to transplant a lettuce plant I started inside to outside but may not happen today.

Want to bake more of those super delicious oatmeal cookies today. I promise to not eat too many this time. Or may try to make a small batch with cassava or some other flour for me and see what happens.

Expect my veggie box today. Unpacking and cleaning that takes a bit.

Flylady mission: 

Today is the day that you get a really short mission. The only thing you have to do is grab your feather duster or dust rag and dust off the tops of your door jams and windows. I am short and don't really see the tops of these areas very often, so I have a tendency to forget about them. Take the duster or rag and wipe across the tops of the molding and jams. Take a swipe across the hinges as well. they seem to collect little dust bunnies as well. This is quick and easy and makes quite a nice difference.

Dinner - frozen pizza, big salad and leftover chicken should cover us.

DD was supposed to make her college decision today. But she needs to ask some questions to at least one of the schools. Which shell hopefully get to and get an answer today. Then can soul search over the weekend some more. Heard the CDC announced guidelines for colleges that will make schools Very different. Which I don’t know how schools are going to do what they suggest. But its another thing in the mix to consider. Ugh!