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Monday, May 27th - Holiday To Do

Started May-25 by scapermom; 69 views.

From: scapermom


What’s doing today?

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From: scapermom


DH is working and no ones gathering so just another monday around here.

I may do a social distance visit with my friend in the neighborhood later for a Lawn Chair chat. Wish the weather were nicer. Its another overcast one, but we are supposed to hit 70 today. 

Other than that, it is monday so Ill do a home blessing to freshen the house for the week ahead.

Flylady Mission for today: Let's have a Fire Drill! Go get the hotspots cleared off in your Living Room. You know the piles that I am talking about. The ones that just grow and grow! Put that fire out!Take 10 minutes and put things away where they belong and toss the rest.

Hope to get some reading/listening done. The book is weird and cant figure out where its going. Its called The Wives. Its about a polygamy situation. But its not like sister wives. They know about each other but all  lead separate lives and dont really know each other. My guess is they will meet then hilarity will ensue? Not really my cup of tea and I must have mistakenly ordered it or the library made a mistake? I dont even like audio books... but ill listen because what else is going on? Not much?

Going to make a chicken pot pie for dinner. We had our BBQ yesterday. Never got to those blondes, hopefully today.


From: friedchickn


I recently read that I probably recommended it.

It does NOT end in hilarity...keep reading.


From: scapermom


Oh jeeze! Ok. Listening at night and Ikeep falling asleep then waking up again. So missing parts... ugh! But I’m getting the gist of whats going on. Going to have to listen while I’m awake more!