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Tuesday, May 26th - To Do

Started May-26 by scapermom; 59 views.
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From: scapermom


Got up before the alarm. I really need to learn to sleep more. 

DD is doing her online schooling. Still on target for picking up cap and gown on Friday. They sent her an email with strict instructions on how they are doing it with a designated time slot of 5 minutes. There was much eye rolling on her part while reading it. Also a huff about the virtual yearbook signing. I dont blame her, I’m not seeing how that works. I think the kids are just going to visit each other’s houses or meet up somewhere in the shadows... this is just too much now.

I’ve been obsessed This morning trying to find a new planner. I realized mine is done after June. Of course I cant find the Same brand anywhere online! I found it at TJ Maxx. I dont think they are open here and even if they were, my chances of finding it again are slim to none. So I’m searching for that today.

Have the regular bike and arm workout. Maybe get back into doing the plank thing. Dog walk later on when it warms up.

Have some vacuuming to do. 

Flylady Mission: 

Today I want you to spend 15 minutes getting rid of anything that does not belong in your living room. Things that have gotten thrown in a corner, on a chair, or even the floor. The things that you almost don't even see because they have just become part of the room, get it out! If it does not belong there then out it goes.
This does not mean that you have to spend three hours in your living room, do what you can do for 15 minutes.

Its also Plan and Play day so for the play part Ill get some book listening in. Want to see where this is going!

Dinner - have ground beef defrosting for taco bowls. Should probably make a new batch of bone broth In the instant pot as well since I finished what I had.


From: friedchickn


I've been up since 6.....cause we got back from the boat around 6 yesterday...I put everything away and went to  bed by 7:30.  LOL.  I was just wiped out!

So....i've been busy.

Breakfast is done.  Kitchen cleaned up.  Chopped up brussel sprouts for dinner, red peppers for scrambles and carrots for sticks. Reshuffled and cleaned the fridges...since 3 days of non-stop activity and eating/drinking had them looking scary and unorganized...what's in there anyway?!?  Took out ground beef cause I'm making a double batch of mini meatloaves for dinner.

Did bills, receipts, email, walgreens challenge and week money.

Stripped our bed and have the first load of linens in there.

Watered my fig trees and my rosemary, who is not happy about his move outside.  

Started work on the meal plan for the next grocery and bacon risotto, chicken pot pie cupcakes, homemade graham crackers, roadside diner cheeseburger quiche and a vat of sangria....should hold us for awhile.

Dinner....roasted maple brussel sprouts, mini meatloaves and mashed potatoes (re-work of potato this trick).  Dessert will be an apple pear crisp....cause I have 2 sad looking pears to use today.

I'm soooooo sore from yesterday's workout....alas, today's workout must be done.  I'll do a romwod and I'm thinking of switching out the plank for some ab stuff.

a quick piano practice....cause I have a lesson after lunch and I haven't touched the piano in days.

Zoom yoga at 5

Closing on a piece of land at 6:30

Dog claws.

If i get time....I need to plant the 2 hostas i picked up this weekend and the strawberry plant.  Also need to put drywall primer on the ceiling patch. And figure out the ceiling fan order for downstairs....struggling with this....