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Wednesday, May 27th - To Do

Started May-27 by scapermom; 82 views.

From: scapermom


List what ya got!

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From: scapermom


DDs off to online school. Governor made the announcement yesterday that In person graduations may take place in July... the schools are figuring out the hows of that now and will let us know. 

Just when DD was settling on a school, they announced their potential plan. Starting in October then pretty much going straight through to end of May with only a 2 week winter break and a couple of 4 day weekends where students would be encouraged to stay there. Not sure how that would sit or play out for a freshman who’s 4 hours away from home for that amount of time? Ugh!

Ok on to my day. Already placed my grocery order. Found an open pick up slot for tomorrow and took it! Revised my running list to include the new stuff Im out of.

Ill do some stationary biking in a bit. Looking like rain on off so don’t know about dog walk. Plank and arm workout later with DD. 

It’s Wednesday so Ill do bills and file. Also need to look up some financial information. 

Want to check out the requirements of the Scholarships and dorms at the potential school with DD later.

Have some callbacks from yesterday - Doctor  and dentist (for DD) both called to change upcoming appointments next week.

more Audio book later. 

Turkey breast for dinner. 


From: friedchickn


It's my 25th wedding anniversary.dh got me a pretty little anniversary band.  25 stones.  He had to buy online, so he said it's just a placeholder til we can get me a real anniversary present.  I don't think that's necessary....but OK.  I like it alot.  It's soooo shiny.

So I dug out my ultrasonic cleaner and I guess I'll try to clean my wedding set.  Cause they look pretty gross next to the new one.

Dd has worked out and been fed and is off to class.  Summer classes started between that and the MCAT course, I may never see her again....unless I'm feeding her.  

Dh is on a call, then I'll feed him and clean up the kitchen.

It's cat litter and a dump run.  Sexy?

A workout and a romwod.

piano practice.

Need to call the piano tuner and see if I really have a tuning on Friday or not.

My sour dough starter needs feeding and I need to decide what to make with the discard.  

Finalize my menu I need a grocery run.  And a liquor store run....which probably won't happen's 1.5 hrs round trip.

Bakery pickup is at noon.  Need to swing by the farm stand for eggs.

Hand washing my bras...they're soaking right now.

Walgreens challenge log in, order a new market umbrella stand....we've looked everywhere....I don't think it made the move? How is that possible? And why?

Dinner is supposed to be a creamy turkey fettucini thing...and then dh and I may try to find an open place to just sit and have a drink after we feed dd and she goes back down for her MCAT course which is 7-10.


From: scapermom


Happy Anniversary! Sounds like a beautiful gift - enjoy! Wear it in good health and all that.