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Thursday, May 28th - To Do

Started May-28 by scapermom; 79 views.

From: scapermom


What’s on the list today?

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From: scapermom


Usual morning. DH is at work and DD has started online classes. But I think she only has one period today since its the first day for seniors to go to the school to pickup and drop off stuff. We go tomorrow morning.

Ive got laundry going, the dishwasher to run after breakfast cleanup and mail to put out.

Going to try calling the dentist early since no one was there yesterday when I called around noon.

found a great 10 minute stationary bike workout that I will do again today. Skipped arms yesterday so today its on.

Dog walk later on.

have a grocery pickup in the after noon. Then when I come home Ill put up a vat of bone broth in the Instant pot.

Flylady mission: (think i skipped yesterday?)

more book listening.

Turkey tetrazzini for dinner (there was a ton leftover from the breast I made yesterday) If there’s more Ill freeze it.


From: friedchickn


Getting on here late....oh boy what a day.  

Met with the contractor this morning to go over scope and some details for the other side of the duplex.  That went fine....still don't have an estimate...which is a bit nerve racking.

Came home...flipped laundry, rinsed and hung my bras that were soaking, practiced a bit of piano and did the ROMWOD.

Then dh and I headed down to the boat....we brought 2 coolers to get an idea of what size we need.  I'm horrible trying to visualize things.  Sorted that all out and then got a little too bold.

Yup....took the boat out and hit our neighbor in the process.  Of course then we are on the water and we have no clue how to get it back into the dock area without doing worse.  Using flip flops and bottles of water, dh and I came up with a couple plans....then headed back in....cause a fun day of boating was pretty much done.  First 3 times.  Yes 3, we had to back out into the water again, calm down and then move on to the next plan.  4th time we ended up docking her successfully and pretty damn well if I say so myself...which I'm gonna have to cause noone is gonna say it.  LOL.

Then came crow eating time....told the dock manager, we already have the piece we broke ordered and then....had to call the boat owner and confess our sins.  Everyone was really nice about it.  Sigh.....$1800 mistake.  Sigh....

Needless to say I'm not cooking dinner tonight.

I did stress clean our bathroom....and I have more piano to practice.  Poor dh has work calls to deal with....his pride is soooo broken. 


From: scapermom


Ugh sorry! Well, hopefully you got that out of the way andnow all willbe clear sailing! ?  Are there such a thing as boat driving lessons? maybe a refresher course is in order?


From: friedchickn


Boat driving lessons?  I’m sure there probably is.

It'll be fine. We learned a lot. The hard way.