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Thursday, June 4th - To Do

Started Jun-4 by scapermom; 64 views.

From: friedchickn


Trying to just take things slow and calm and peaceful.  I've got chaos floating around the edges and I really need to keep my #### together.

Got more info yesterday about Grumpy Goat and it's not good.  On the plus side....this may be what we need to get an order of guardianship.  I just wish it didn't have to happen this way...

Now that the Capital region has been rioting for 8 (or is it 9) days straight...dd has resigned herself to staying home til the fall.  "What parent in their right mind would think it's safe to go back to Troy".  The upside is that her attitude seems a bit better...

And the ILs seem to be getting along OK.  I have a list of stuff to get them tomorrow when we go to Conway....where there are big stores....while dh gets his tattoo finished.

So today....

Need to pre-pay some taxes...that's a joy.

Make a giant vat of sangria for this weekend.  Dh is making dinner...chicken satay.

Practice piano.  Zoom yoga at 5.  Romwod and today's challenge.

I finally patched and primed the ceiling where the AC got I'll paint today.

Random:Need to drop off a puzzle at a friend's, call another friend....and I still need to figure out blocks of ice (i'd prefer to not have to buy more crap).

And I bought a CSA share in a goat farm....LOL.  Gonna have plenty of goat cheese in a few weeks.  Yeah!!!!


From: scapermom


Morning! Just got back here. We took the dog for her walk early to try & beat the heat. We had severe storms last night and expecting them today at some point again. DH calls it florida weather.

So tough when they get old. We’ve been dealing with the inlaws. My FIL drove into/over? his neighbors mailbox last week and now my MIL wants to make him give up driving (which realistically he probably should). Now they want to give their car to my DD (who really doesn’t want it but thats another story) 

Sangria sounds so good!what’s your recipe? DH just reloaded our wine supply.

Need to finish breakfast clean up & then take the towels out of the dryer, fold & put away. 

Have been wasting time on social media for a too long. Need to stay away for a bit for my sanity.

Want to do some school research to see what’s allowable for DD. They said they’re starting Oct 5th. But I’ve heard from the upper classparents that theyve heard their kids who were in triples/quads are being downsized. Don’t know what that means for freshman or how they will fit everyone on campus? 

Ill need to start following news sources from up there now too!

Was able to do an online order from Whole Foods yesterday that deliviered later in the day! Things are looking up!

Never got to do the receipts so I’ll work on that today.

Dinner will be asian chicken meatballs, broccoli & rice - maybe in the instant pot?

Flylady mission: Let's go into the dining room and get down and dirty with the cobwebs and the dust bunnies. Look up and look down, get the dust off the baseboards and the cobwebs out of the corners in the ceiling. While you are looking up, check out your light fixture, does it need to be dusted?


From: friedchickn


Grumpy goat still has 2 cars that he refuses to sell but is no longer allowed to drive. Why? Cause they’re worth money. Well not if they’re just sitting there.

My MIL has been having all sorts of vision issues and they kinda implied they wanted to downsize to one car. Dd doesn’t want their rav4. It’s orange!!!

Its hard to know when to pull their license....before or after they run over someone’s kid?!?  Grumpy goat can’t stay in the lines and his reflexes are ####.  Not to mention his continuing cognitive decline  

Ill send the sangria recipe later...currently camped in front of the PO waiting for it to open.

Ive stopped looking at social media completely. I do one 15 min (tops) perusal of the news on the New York Times site and then I’m done. I just can’t anymore. It’s too much and honestly doesn’t help.