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Friday, June 5th - To Do

Started Jun-5 by scapermom; 56 views.

From: scapermom


How are you spending this Friday?

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From: scapermom


Warm and stormy day here. So will get the dog out sooner rather than later.

Kitchen cleanup.

Found a few more reciepts that I will up load today. Once I got in a groove it wasn’t so bad.

Want to collect and start laundering the winter gear. I think they can be put away finally!

Need to make a Costco list. Then hit the store before it starts pouring sincethey make everyone line up outside.

thinking take out is in order for dinner tonight 

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From: scapermom


Zone 1: Mission #5 Friday
Dear Friends, For today let's grab our feather dusters and dust off the leaves on our house plants and give them a drink of water! If you want bonus points you can pull of some of the dead leaves and blooms, you know....declutter the plants! If you don't have any live plants but have some artificial arrangements, dust those off and dump any loose leaves and petals.

From: friedchickn


Dd has his (hopefully) final appt for his I'll be tagging along since it's down in civilization.  When he's done we will be hitting Lowe's to get 2 ceiling fans and a doorbell....our plans for a new dehumidifier are on hold cause we still have gotten the paperwork from the warranty people....sighhhhhhh.

So that'll basically be it...

I did unload the dishwasher after kale and tuscan goat cheese good.  And I'll start a load of laundry.

Need to return my library books...the library is currently (sort of) open.

Anything else....will be a bonus.

Dinner....take out? Or maybe out out?  One of our favorite places opened an outdoor beer garden in their parking we might do that.