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Weekend To Do - June 6th and 7th

Started Jun-6 by scapermom; 42 views.

From: scapermom


What’s on the weekend list?

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From: scapermom


Made a breakfast hash for dd and I this am. Kitchen cleanup tbd.

Still working on cleaning and putting away winter gear.

DH went back to work today and is doing a double, so I made a couple of overnight oats Jars for him to grab and go. Also got himself some stuffed sandwiches From the italian deli to take for his double days. 

Got the veggie box yesterday, so Ill roast up the root veggies today to have on hand for meals.

Want to work in my little garden today, its sunny and not horribly hot yet - needs weeding. I’ll also cut down the green onions since they are getting big. Maybe plant what Ive got growing inside. Also need to toss the aero garden stuff. Its done.

Dog walk before it gets too hot. Bike and arm workout later. Maybe a plank.

Dinner will either be leftovers or raviolis.