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Saturday, June 20th - To Do

Started Jun-20 by scapermom; 49 views.

From: scapermom


What’s the weekend plan?

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From: scapermom


Off to the races once again.

Did an early dog walk before the heat set in.

Dh made us a nice breakfast (just us 2 since DD has started her summer routine of staying up late and sleeping in - she’s got until the 29th when she starts summer classes for this). He also cleaned up this time! Then he made breakfast for DD when she got up. Don’t get too excited hes basically a short order cook - eggs and bacon, he’ll grudgingly sautée some greens for me if I prep them. Lol!

Started laundry and did some spare room clean out. Found a summer weight comforter i can use so that will be washed next round.

Went through DDs Next Steps email from the college with her. Health forms need to be uploaded, but they can wait. Some of her friends are already registering for classes and we haven’t heard a peep... that October start date is looking very firm at this point though they may do remote start first. Hearing/seeing all sorts of rumors about it. Parents aren’t happy with the late start. Theyre assuming second wave will hit when start is supposed to happen then it will all be remote. Sigh think we need a crystal ball at this point!

ok rest of day plans are finding things to throw at the curb for the bulk pick up. 

Took out ground pork & beef to make meatloaf for dinner. May do muffin style for shorter cook time.