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Monday, June 22nd - To Do

Started Jun-22 by scapermom; 77 views.

From: scapermom


What’s on today’s list?

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From: scapermom


Today would be a perfect beach going day if I was one to do that. But instead I’ll be home doing the weekly blessing routine. What’s wrong with this picture?

Would love to give the dog a bath today. If I can wrangle her (Maybe with DDs help if she ever gets up) I will get it done.

Stripped the bed and put up a wash. Cleaned one toilet. Other HB tasks tbd. 

May see if I can either put in an order or run to a store for fill in groceries. I need like every oil under the sun. Also need dog food but that’s another store. I’m in such limbo with something that used to be my regular routine thing. Very weird.

I think most things are open as of today. Gyms & salons were last for some reason. Can’t keep up with these phases. Need to check the town facebook page to verify.

I believe DH is working a single today, so he’ll be home by the late afternoon. 

Need to go through the veggie bin and prep some things so they don’t go bad. 

Took out salmon for dinner. Lunch will be leftovers. 

DD Told me late last night she has a party tonight. Its in the farmland area of Jersey. Maybe DH will drive her and I’ll pick up? Don’t relish the idea of driving the dark & winding roads. I think it’s a birthday, so we’ll need to get a gift card. Who has a party on a monday night? Even if it is summer?


From: friedchickn


Monday's after a weekend on the lake are pretty freakin brutal.  That boat is beating me up for sure.  I have bruises everywhere and I missed a couple strips with the a mild hangover.  LOL.

Already started a load of laundry...towels and bathing suits and anything else I could find that was dark.  I need to change the linens and maybe get those done today....we shall see.

A workout is gonna suck....but it's time to pay the piper.

Bills, receipts and emails.  So many emails....I really don't check my phone at all when we are there.  And I'm too exhausted when we get home to catch up and just fall asleep after doing a little unloading/reloading of the day bag.

Cat litter.

I have a piano lesson at 4 and yoga at 5.

All may be tossed in the air at a moment's notice...cause dh is trying to close on the boat today...instead of Friday.  I don't blame him....I want it done too.

Dinner...lasagna.  I took a pan out on Saturday thinking we'd have it Sunday for dinner...but we ended up eating at the dock.  Works for me....I'll just throw together a salad.

I should make a meal plan and do a grocery run....all I really wanna do is nap.


From: scapermom


Thanks for the reminder - I should do a meal plan as well... Did some meal prep today. Can’t go wrong with having stuff cooked that just needs reheating. Especially with my crew who eat at all odd hours.

I forgot the Flylady Mission for today:

Friends: Are you ready for your mission? We are doing a lot of decluttering this week. I don't want you to get overwhelmed so make sure to use your timer.I want you to start to get rid of anything that is under your bed. Seriously, you will love the way your room feels when there is nothing under your bed. I know there are going to be those that say, I have no other place to store things.
Well, go through those things and find a home for the things that you really love or get rid of the rest.Take 15 minutes and work on this. Don't let it consume and overwhelm you. Just 15 minutes now and then every time you can spend an extra 15 minutes until you get rid of the clutter.

From: friedchickn


I try to keep stuff on hand for 3 dinners at a time...and I always have a few quick back up plans...a lasagna, tiny dinos and nuggets, nachos.  It really helps keep us from A) spending B) getting fat.  LOL.

There's 2 things under the bed....a storage container for xmas wrap....and a yoga mat for ROMWOD.  That's I'm good.

Where does she think we will be sending all of this decluttered stuff? All teh drop places around here are still closed!!!!


From: scapermom


Same, all I have under the bed are DH’s shoes (he never wears but maybe someday...) on a slide out Thingy that I have to dust every so often. It’s not his fault I took over the master bedroom closet. He’s got a wardrobe and dresser. But no real place for his shoes. Maybe I’ll find a new home for them in the guest room closet?

You’re right they aren’t open here either. Though one of the schools did a coat drive recently.