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Tuesday, June 23rd - To Do

Started Jun-23 by scapermom; 60 views.
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From: scapermom

Jun-23 whole long list...just clicked away for a second and poof! Never happened before.

Oh well, here’s the Flylady Mission for today:
Dear Friends, This week we are in Zone 4, The Master Bedroom. Yesterday, we cleared out under the bed, today we are clearing out the top of the bed. Have you have been using your bed as temporary storage for clean clothes, dirty clothes, and other stuff? Your mission for today is to clear this off and put it away. When you have finished make your bed. It will make you feel great to walk into your room with your bed made.


From: friedchickn


So the boat closing didn't happen yesterday cause the bank decided they wanted more stuff.  So that's sorted and closing is today at 3.

Dd is dog sitting at a house in town.  14 week old puppy.  So I'm child free-ish for the next few days.

Propane fireplace service guy has come and gone.  That's done.

Need to do the cat didn't happen yesterday...I ran out of day.

Romwod and a workout.  Piano practice.

Dog claws and bowls

Hot tub needs love.

And I need to order frosted glass panes for a window at my that should be interesting.

Dinner out...cause we are childless and tomorrow dh has calls all night so we won't be able to...