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Wednesday, June 24th - To Do

Started Jun-24 by scapermom; 50 views.

From: scapermom


What’s going on today?

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From: scapermom


Let’s see if this one sticks...

Finished the last of the dogs food this morning, so need a Costco trip stat. I’ll put together a list for there first. Also need to check hours and rules since I haven’t been there in forever.

Dishwasher needs unloading. Coffee needs drinking.

I put a load of laundry in. 

Have to vacuum and mop the kitchen.

Got my CSA bag off the porch. Need to go through it, bag and put away. Then figure out how to incorporate it into a meal plan. 

Should put in a tea order.

I’ll spend 10 minutes on the bike this morning. Arm workout at some point. Every other day is better than nothing. Evening dog walk, unless DD gets up like now we are missing our ‘cooler’ window (it’s 77 already and going up to 85 - not husky weather).

It’s Wednesday, so I’ll do bills and file. Also have receipts to upload. Speaking of I want to put in a Walgreens order for medical Kit dorm things.

Burgers for dinner tonight. I will not put jalapeños on them like I did last time since DDs a wimp. I thought they were tasty tho.

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From: scapermom


Zone 4 Mission #3 Wednesday
Dear Friends, So far we have cleaned under the bed and on top of the bed, today we are going to take care of the left side of the bed. Now, this means whatever you have on the left side of you bed you are to fling and put away. If you have been using your night stand or floor as temporary storage for things that do not belong there, your mission for today is to clear this off and put it away! You are not allowed to put what you have flung today under the bed or on top of the bed that was cleared off earlier this week!

From: friedchickn


Had coffee with the ladies this's weird out.  Damp and hot/cold.  Not sure whether to turn the AC off cause it's cold or leave it on cause it's damp?!?!

Pulled the sour dough starter out...need to feed it.  Dinner will be a meatball pie which uses a pizza that's convenient.

Dump car is half loaded.

leftovers from bowl and claws, order frosted glass and i have laundry to fold and put away.

New for insurance to fix everything....grrr.  The policy dh got on the boat isn't enough and I'm not sure if he adjusted the umbrella policy.  Men.  Also need to fill out the brokerage forms to get the pontoon listed....preferably TODAY.

Somewhere in there...a workout and romwod.

iron pill

And start packing a bag for the new boat!!!!  Dh is going down early on of the guys is going to teach him how to drive the boat.  They're gonna go out and do buoy drills and then take her down to the town dock and practice docking (the town dock is usually empty on a weekday).  Fingers crossed that goes well.

Dh has calls late into I'll be serving him dinner in his office and probably "working" late myself.  dd is dog it's just the two of us!