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Thursday, June 25th - To Do

Started Jun-25 by scapermom; 67 views.

From: scapermom


List what ya got!

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From: scapermom


Slept like crap... really wanted to stay in bed but dog needed to go out so she got me up. 

Have the usual Morning routine - breakfasts, kitchen clean up, laundry, feed & walk dog (though she’s sleeping soundly - I’m jealous) and do 10 minutes on the bike.

Also need to put mail out. 

Have to get going on those legal forms we need to sign for having an18 year old going off to college.

Need to push/help the 18 yo get what she needs done on her school checklist. 

Never got to up loading receipts yesterday so will get to that today.

need to see when I can get a hair appointment for. I think they’re allowed now. Grey is shooting out and I’m at the stage where I just put it back in a pony tail.

thinking of trying a Take out family meal from one of the local restaurants. 

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From: scapermom


Dear Friends,Today we must be going after the right side of the bed! If you have been using your night stand or floor as temporary storage for clean clothes, dirty clothes, and other stuff, your mission for today is to clear this off and put it away! No moving things from the right side to the left or the other places we have cleaned off this week. I am so proud of the work you have done this week! Utilize your timer and do not get overwhelmed.


From: friedchickn


Goodness yesterday was buuuuussssyyyy.  And yet, I still have things left on my list from yesterday.  The good news is that the heat and humidity broke last night and I was able to turn off the AC and open the house up.  I hate canned air!!!

So the dog got stung last night walking up the stairs from the back or minus the same location dh got stung the other day. once dh got off his calls last night we played a vicious game of flashlight tag with a yellow jacket nest under the stairs....I think we got em.  Friggin bees (and hornets and wasps)...go find a home in the woods.

leftovers from yesterday: order the frosted glass and dog claws

Today's list:


piano practice

Find my chourico and peppers recipe

Grocery run and a dollar store run

Fold laundry and put away

Need the sq ft of the renovation for the insurance agent (before they burn the house down by accident)

Look into boat out of Boston will template and deliver/install...

Pack stuff for dh to take to the boat with him Friday morning.  He's going to work from the boat/club house before his lesson.

Yoga class tonight and dinner is leftovers!


From: scapermom


Something about if they are in the hospital you won’t be told unless you sign some form? It was on one of the facebook groups. Someone posted that they were on sale and someone else said you don’t have to pay for them! So its confusing to say the least. I remember a friend of mine mentioning them when her first son went off to college. I think I saw there are 3 you need - here found it: HIPAA Authorization Form, Healthcare Power of Attorney, General Durable Power of Attorney


From: friedchickn


Ahhhhh.  Gotcha.  

When we updated our wills and trust, dd met with the lawyer separately to have a DNR and power of attorney etc done.

There are plenty of sites online where you can get a decent version for free.  Just make sure you get the signatures notarized....otherwise they are meaningless if something should come up.