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Monday, June 29th - To Do

Started Jun-29 by scapermom; 52 views.
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Mother in law is home. No Covid or fever. But pneumonia. On antibiotics and sister in law set her up so she stays away from father in law. We shall see. 

DH took today off and will be headed there in a bit to install a portable a/c for her since FIL keeps it blazing hot there. Window units are not allowed in their community but thinking those are acceptable.

It’s monday, so I’ll get on the weekly house blessing list.

DD starts her first college class today. So need to make sure she’s up and has time to get situated.

need to take a food inventory and plan the weekly meals. I know I got some seafood in my Whole Foods delivery the other day so may do scallops tonight. 

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Flylady Mission #1 - Dear Friends: We are in the Living Room and Family Room for a few days. What to do if you have both? Well, my answer is to do the mission in both rooms. I try really hard for the missions to take less than 15 minutes so it should not be too much of a time crunch to do both rooms if you have them.Your mission for today is to go sofa and chair diving! This is when you remove the cushions from your sofas and chairs and start digging for the things that magically disappear in there. Grab these things, toss them and then grab your vacuum and suck up the little dust bunnies that like to multiply. I bet some of you will find a few things that people in your family have been searching for!


From: friedchickn


dh and dd left at 5 am.  Both cars packed to the gills with stuff.  There will definitely be another trip but at least this is a start.  dd will be staying til Friday.  dh is coming home late tonight.

So I have the place ALL TO MYSELF....and it feels wonderful.  I'm going to get a little work done but also gonna watch a movie or maybe read or maybe both!!!!

First up....bills, receipts and emails.

Not working out AT ALL.  No yoga tonight cause I have the Emergency Team zoom call.

I'll practice my piano.  And do the cat litter.

And then Ill putter my way through the day....cause I can!