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Tuesday, June 30th - To Do

Started Jun-30 by scapermom; 70 views.

From: scapermom


Last day of June List

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From: scapermom


Another month bites the dust... 

laundry’s doing it’s thing. Think it’s a 2 load day. Dog’s been out, but not fed. She’s not as hungry when it’s hot. Want to walk her before noon while it’s cooler.

They keep saying chance of rain but it hasn’t yet. So I need to do a nice watering of the garden.

DH went to work today. Doing a single then he’ll head over to his parents for his dad’s blood testing And mom’s general comfort after dinner. His sister is on day duty. She’s able to do her work/meetings from their house. 

DD has day 2 of classes - today it’s only one so she should be less exhausted. We shall see. Think ice breaking exercises are taking their toll on her. 

Her health forms are due and there’s a parent checklist i haven’t seen according to the FB parent page. 

Read that UMass Amherst is all online. Still no plan except for the Oct 5th start for DDs school. 

But at least I’ll have more time where I can make noise and Get my vacuuming done that I didn’t get to yesterday.

Want to figure out the bank app So i can do stuff.

Need to make the dog’s vet appointment. 

Set up July in the planner. Should order a new moleskin book to journal/put ideas/plans in. 

Didn’t finish the tea order from yesterday, need DDs input.

Going to try Butternut squash and black bean taco recipe for dinner tonight. I will grill some chicken in case they want meat to go with it. 

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From: scapermom


Zone 5 Missions #2 Tuesday
Dear Friends: Today we are going after the neglected areas of our living room/family room. Grab a feather duster or dust rag and go after the tops of door jams, pictures, molding, windows, corners of the ceiling and the tops of your curtains. Now do not get obsessed and start tearing the room apart. Just look up and dust!

From: friedchickn


Busy morning so I’m just now getting on.

Folded and put away laundry. Too bad it wasn’t the same load. Lol. I’ll put the rest away later.

Went to pick out the cabinets and flooring for Elm. Ordered more cobblestones for the garden here. And then stopped at Elm to talk with the plumber.

Now I’m waiting for Dh to get off a call (yes he’s on vacation this week but no one seems to care). Then we are headed back to the boat to get some work done.

No clue about dinner tonight...hoping Dh is cool with something easy. Lol. I’m just not in the mood.

payday...I managed to get it about 1/2 done this morning. Maybe I can finish up tonight.

dog bowls and claws.


i think I’m taking the week off of working out. We shall see. 


From: scapermom


Trying to send you a funny vid of a dog that faints when the owner goes to cut it’s claws but can’t figure out how to get it here! Ugh! Let’s see if this works...


From: friedchickn


Leo is super dramatic about getting his claws done. Lol. Good thing I do it with him laying down!!!