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Wednesday July 8th - To Do

Started Jul-8 by scapermom; 66 views.

From: scapermom


What’s doing today?

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From: scapermom


Laundry’s going, dog’s fed and sleeping. Also gave her her meds (forgot from yesterday)

Refining my grocery list. Trying to rebuild the stockpile without breaking the bank, so a little at a time. Didn’t make it yesterday. Hopefully get there today.

Got the CSA bag last night so I’ll unpack, clean and store. Then figure out how I’m using. Still have a bag of kale from last week left. I need to remember to make that tonight or prep and freeze it. There’s also one beet rolling around in the produce drawer that I should cook. 

DMV opened yesterday here. Lines were beyond insane. I think I’ll renew online since I was given the option. I’ll wait a few days/week to see if it calms down some, just in case. I’d really like to switch to the Real ID thingy and get that over with. I do have a passport so not urgent tho.

It’s Wednesday so I’ll do bills and file. 

Arm workout, maybe 10 mins on the bike. Fitbit is charging. 

Evening dog walk. Speaking of still need to make her vet appointment. Going to try calling early but not too early.

no idea about dinner. Thinking take out. 


From: friedchickn


Dh took dd this morning to drop her car off for a few annoying things...and then well...he was raring to go.  I had just managed to finish dealing with the dog and sit down with my first coffee and he was all "let's go to the boat and empty the ####".....arrghhhh.

So....we got her pumped out, filled with water and filled the gas tanks too.  I mean...while you're there, you might as well. Then he fiddled with the generator...making more progress....while I finally managed to finish my first coffee and snack on cold pancakes from Saturday that were in the clubhouse fridge.  Templated the boat mattress while dh fixed the outdoor shower.  I also cleaned a few things out in that fridge while waiting for my 2nd coffee to brew.

Back home, light lunch. Catch up on some emails, etc....then I'll hit today's list.  Gonna be a long day now...

When will I workout....noone knows.  Later I assume.  Romwod.  Plank.

Practice piano

DUMP DAY....need to gather all the trash and recycling and the cardboard is all over the garage....arrggghhhh.  I really hate when I can't/don't keep up with it.

Need to feed my sour dough starter.  And I wanted to swing by the bakery for a baguette.

Iron pill.

Receipts. Heathcare reimbursement submission

Clean off my's bad.

Fold yesterday's laundry and put 2 loads away.

Thankfully dinner will be takeout cause it's wednesday!!!