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Thursday, July 9th - To Do

Started 7/9/20 by scapermom; 92 views.

From: scapermom


List em if ya got em!

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From: scapermom


Slept in today.

DH is home. He’s heading over to his parents in a bit so he can take his mom to a doctor’s appointment. Trying to convince his dad to get one of those Dexxcom things to monitor his blood for him but he’s a hard head that doesn’t want anything that could actually help him. So frustrating!

my list today is mostly regular stuff - laundry, kitchen clean up, dog walk, Plank, arms, etc. 

also researching vitamin D, since mine is low. My multi has it but it’s not enough apparently. Or I’m not absorbing it? Who the frig knows? Dr. Says to add at least 1.000 mg.

also in my food storage research Found a great resource - she has a chart to use to restock and create a 3 month supply. 

Later today we will be headed to my sisters to hang out in her pool and eat dinner with them. 


From: friedchickn


Every winter we all run low on Vitamin D and I have a prescription for 50,000 mg capsule once a week.  I try to soak up as much of the sun as I can the other 6 weeks a year....LOL.  Gotta love Maine.


From: friedchickn


Off to a responsive start...LOL. 

First, I managed to piss off some random person on a volunteer group text by asking where a certain development was located.  Um....ok?  It's a big ass town, spread over some long windy country roads....i'd never heard of it and didn't want to volunteer for a friggin long haul.  Apparently that's offensive.  

Got cold called by a local bank to set up an account....just so happens I've been meaning to have one so we can get cash.  My bank is out of Delaware and I'm not interested in changing that but do need cash.  Used to have a local bank in NH for that exact purpose.

And....reached out to our local lawyer cause construction is moving fast and I need to figure out how to rent the other half without getting sued.  LOL.  Trying to setup an initial meeting for next week.

Dh and I finalized the boat name and ordered the lettering.  They had 100's of options and we've been trying to do it a little here and there and really....we just needed to sit down and go one by one.  Painfully.  And slowly.

Also made a pot of coffee for iced coffee's later and started hand washing my masks and bras.

And it's not even noon.  Who am I?

No workout today.  I'll do the extended romwod which usually runs about 50 minutes.  And a plank.

Piano practice.

Turn the sourdough discard into waffle batter.

Figure out how to order the mattress now that I have the template.

Dinner is spicy Thai chicken stuffed sweet potatoes....cause the sweet potatoes need to be used.