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Thursday, July 16th - To Do

Started Jul-16 by scapermom; 72 views.

From: scapermom


What’s on today’s list?

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From: scapermom


Have everything I didn’t get to yesterday. Hanging several hours in the sun kinda wiped me of energy. Too much outside time I guess. 

Started my first load of laundry. I’m looking at one more at least.

Have bills, filing, maybe receipts to upload. Have to do that insurance waiver for DDs school. Otherwise it will be on the bill.

Really need to go to the bank but need to take DD with me to set her up for easy access to her $ for college. So that may happen tomorrow since shes got class today until bank closing time.

Speaking of, there’s a web chat this afternoon for freshman on getting IDs and dining that she should attend but it’s the same time as her first Small group orientation Meet, so I’ll attend it for her.

DH went to Costco yesterday & got us salmon and chicken thighs.. So one of those will go on the grill for dinner tonight. 


From: friedchickn


Today doesn't look bad on paper which must mean I am forgetting something important.  LOL.  Cause quiet days are not normal here...

Already did one sweep of errands...NAPA and the PO.  Romwod is the long one, 45 min and dealt with the composter.  Fun fun.

Need to pay dd's tuition now that the 529 closure dropped into the account.  It paid for  5 1/2 semesters...not bad at all if I must say.  Also need to pay dh's credit card.  And...need to confirm the 2 tiny transactions occurred with the new account before I finalize a recurring transfer for week money.

Started hemming a light weight cotton maxi dress (that'll look great over my bikini).  Need to finish that.  Also need to start cutting out masks so I'm ready to just start sewing when the straps come in.

Piano practice.

Yoga at 5.

Dinner is gonna be real simple.  Steak tips on the grill and a pasta salad, I need to make.