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Tuesday, July 21st - To Do

Started Jul-21 by scapermom; 88 views.
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From: scapermom


Got up at 6 instead of 4 today, so there’s that! No early online orders from bed, but did manage to find where to sign up for a webinar for DDs school that someone in the parent group mentioned.

Laundry’s going. Dogs taken care of. 

Got through most of the house blessing yesterday believe it or not. Just going to do the purge papers & trash today since tomorrow is pickup.

Have some research to do today - eyeglasses for DD & possibly more contact supplies, where/if she can get Covid tested 2 weeks prior to school start, need to find the giant wheeled suitcase & pull up out of the basement and see if that and a frakta will be sufficient for light move in.

Continue with inventory and organizing pantry.

Online DMV to renew license.

Evening dog walk.

We did a fend for yourself/clean out fridge night last night so tonight I’ll make the chicken thighs.


From: friedchickn


Woke up with a raging menstrual headache....when will this #### end?  I swear I was doing better before dd moved back home....could I be somehow siphoning hormones from the air?  I'm just so over it. (Although I am happy that I didn't get it on the boat....I don't even want to contemplate dealing with that on there....sigh)

So....I shot gunned 2 coffees and a handful of ibuprofen.  I know the ibuprofen will make the bleeding worse but I need the headache gone.  My allergies are also on I put in eye drops and tossed a Claritin D down there....really wanted to just crush and snort that ####.

My desk is a giant pile of notes and bills and receipts...oh my.  So top priority will be getting that all under control.  Emails are next...cause that'll just add forgotten items.  Then I can organized and figure out the rest of the week.

Today's workout is hell.  Might do ROMWOD this evening and I'll throw in a plank at some point.

Piano practice

Log in to my walgreens challenges....although I downloaded the app the other day and I can always do that at night while I lay there listening to dh snore and I catch up on candy crush.

Dog claws and bowls

Cat litter cause that didn't get done yesterday.  I also need to order some sort of litter catcher rug...cause while I love the pine clumping litter, it gets a ZERO for track-ability....

One last load of laundry and some hand washing of bras

The fridge is a hot mess of I need to clean/reorganize in there before figuring out a grocery list.

And dinner.....I punted last night and we got Chinese takeout.  Gotta figure some #### out for tonight.


From: scapermom


I joined a Walgreens challenge But couldn’t figure out how to update it or whatever...

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From: scapermom


Forgot today’s Flylady Mission: 

Zone 4: Mission #2 Tuesday
Dear Friends, We are in the Master Bedroom this week and we can't stress enough to you how important it is for your mental health to have this room decluttered. Being surrounded by clutter while you sleep is just not good for you.
For today your mission is to do a 27 fling boogie in the bedroom, grab that trash bag and start tossing. Anything counts, old pantyhose to junk mail.
One BabyStep at a time!

From: friedchickn


It's not straight forward that's for sure.