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Thursday, August 6th - To Do

Started Aug-6 by scapermom; 71 views.
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From: scapermom


Power back on as of 5:45am! Woo-hoo! Just hope it stays!

ugh... tons of laundry will be done. 

Tons of emails to go through as well. 

Spending today resetting the house & myself back into routine. But gingerly.

The yard needs lots of TLC as well - leave & twigs galore out there. 

That should do me.

I’ll take something out for dinner.


From: friedchickn


I've always got a list....always.

Went grocery shopping early...then made chocolate chip cookie dough.  

Lunch with the ladies and a little shopping.

Came home...made a pepperoni/cheese loaf and the cookies for this weekend/boat.  Flipped this mornings laundry and started another load.

Finally replaced the ant stakes has been sitting in my to do pile for a week.

Dh just left to go get the SUP.  He'll eat while he's gone.  DD is getting ready for work.

Waiting til everything cools to pack it away.  I'll flip the latest laundry and start my last load.  Dishwasher should be finishing up I'll deal with that too.

Practice piano...

And maybe I'll get a break and some time to myself????  HA HA HA