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Wednesday August 12th - To Do

Started Aug-12 by scapermom; 71 views.

From: scapermom


What cha got today?

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From: scapermom


Laundry’s going.

Did my 4 minute workout. DH is taking the dog now. I draw the line at 80% humidity. Talk about air you can wear. 

Today’s my day for taking care of bills and such.... Have a pile of papers to go through. Lots of tabs saved to read as well.

DH will be going by his parents to take his mom for her cast.

Today’s also the day DD needs to submit her intention form. Just when I though it was decided she’d stay home, last night at bedtime she was on the “I’m going” train (why is it always at bedtime? I just wanted to sleep, in fact I think I did doze off just before she started.) We did receive the 36 page plan from the school yesterday & I read it. It’s all such a slippery slope... we’ll be having discussions today until that 5pm deadline. She can always change her mind up until move in day - they are claiming it’s not binding, but will help them in doing bills and figuring rooms and move in, but there will be lots of forms and rearranging tbd if there are last minute changes.

Just in case, I put in my Dorm order from Walmart that I had been holding off on (3 in one vacuum, more space bags and cute collapsible containers) This morning. I figure if she does move in, we’ll stay in town and take her to lunch after her 24 hour quarantine and then drop her back with more stuff. The only snafu would be if they plan activities for them, but don’t see how they can with them all being in various stages of quarantine.

FYI pretty much all colleges in NJ are online classes only - with some few exceptions. A few are allowing living on campus as well.

Niece is moving in to her apartment (with roomies) even tho classes are all online. School is like a 30 minutes from home. 

I’ve got salmon defrosting for dinner.


From: friedchickn


Dh has a crappy attitude this morning and I just can't deal with it.  And he broke the french press (smacking at it, instead of swirling a little water in it like I've suggested a dozen times).  So the non-keurig experiment has come to a screeching halt.  Sigh.  I might just buy some pumpkin spice grounds and start making a 1/2 pot of coffee....#### him.

We got verbal confirmation that we are out of dd's lease in NY.  (Waiting on in writing) Now we need to drive back up to NY and get her stuff before Sept 1 and turn in the keys.  I'm seriously sooooooo tired of this drama (and I'm sure that's part of why dh is also grumpy)

Just finished putting together a rental application for my showing at 7.  And apparently my printer is being a bitch.  Gonna be one of those days isn't it?!?

Workout will be later today.  Apparently dh has meetings all day and he gets pissy if he has to work out alone.  Seriously....I can't deal today.  Gonna do a ROMWOD this morning and my plank too.  The scale and I are not getting along.

piano practice

walgreens 3000 steps

Need to modify an auto transfer...dd no longer needs rent money, that's for sure.

Dump run

Sour dough starter

and I never got to the dog claws yesterday....

Showing the apartment to the husband of the woman (from yesterday) at 7

And dinner will be stuffed zucchini