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Friday, August 14th - To Do

Started Aug-14 by scapermom; 79 views.
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From: scapermom


Morning routine going - laundry,dog, kitchen, etc.

Next up is the 1st 4 minute workout. Humidity is still up there so I’ll only be participating in the evening dog walk I think. Arm workout tbd later.

Got some deliveries yesterday that I still need to unpack. Those last dorm things I ordered. disappointed

Have a few financial items I need to get to (calls, printout & futz with a tuition payment plan worksheet I found)

Didn’t get thru the whole pile of papers yesterday, so need to spend a few minutes there.

Fit the Flylady mission In somewhere. Also want to vacuum upstairs. Dog is shedding clumps, ick!

Got new butcher box yesterday, so to make room in the freezer, I took out chicken and ground beef and put them in refrigerator to defrost, so whichever is ready when I start to cook dinner, we’ll have. Thinking DH can grill the chicken, and the beef I’ll use for stuffed peppers.

Still have eggplant left, no one here likes it, I even tried to sneak it in to a stir fry but they caught me! Lol Can I freeze it? 

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From: scapermom


Zone 2: Mission #5 Friday
Dear Friends, Today is our last day in the kitchen and I want you to spend 5 minutes and check on the cleaning supplies and things under your sink. Are there things that you don't use? Are there items you have run out of and need to put on your list? Now, what is up with your dish rags and sponges?
If you need new ones, put them on the list too.
Enjoy your weekend!

From: friedchickn


The dishwasher has been acquired and transported to the ILs.  Waiting to hear back from the plumber...he's reliable but sucks at communication.  Does that even make sense?!?

Dd stopped by this morning for coffee and chat.  Dog sitting is going is a little #### and they didn't leave enough hay for the guinea pigs.  But she's enjoying feeling like an adult on her own.  Girl should just find a house sitting gig permanently....there are plenty of 2nd and 3rd homes at the mountain.

Dh and I went to this cute little bistro for breakfast and coffee afterwards.  And I took a stroll through the construction....they're on sheetrock.  Feels like it'll be done sooner than November at this rate.  But what do I know.

Dh got I need to make it all disappear.

Cat litter.

Finish a mask for me....cute, lightweight fabric with the elastic ties....

A workout, a romwod and a some point.

piano practice....I have a lesson Monday

Started the credit check....they've already admitted it's not pretty, owned their own restaurant that went out of business.  Talked to their current landlord last night and he said they've been great....

And...brownies for the boat this weekend