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Wednesday, August 26th - To Do

Started Aug-26 by scapermom; 55 views.

From: scapermom


Better late List than No list? 

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From: scapermom


It’s Wednesday - so bills & maybe filing 

early dog walk, laundry. 

Watched an old movie with DH.

DH has a shopping list for his mom to get to. I may accompany him & pick up some stuff we need.

arm workout, plank

Got the CSA bag from the porch. Cleaned & stored.

Took sausage out for dinner. Making It with the purple peppers from the bag and onions. 

There’s white eggplant in there. Need to look up recipes for it.


From: friedchickn


LOL....sounds like your day is going like mine.

Had a nice breakfast with a friend and grabbed my bakery order.

Did the dump run, got gas, dropped off nursery containers at the library (locals split plants and use those containers for them, then offer them free), and picked up a quick loaf of cheap white bread...cause dh likes tomato sandwiches on cheap white

Choc chip cookie dough is made for this weekend.  I'll bake em up Friday morning.  Fed my sour dough starter and have a discard pizza dough started for tonight's dinner....cast iron deep dish pizza and a salad.

Grocery list is almost done....then dd and I will kill that and a trip to the post office.

Texted the builder about a kitchen renovation project I'd like to kick off...

Folded and put away the last 2 days of laundry

still to come...

workout, romwod and a plank

piano practice

cat and dog claws