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Tuesday, September 1st - To Do

Started Sep-1 by scapermom; 69 views.

From: scapermom


How are you starting the month?

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From: scapermom


Mother Nature is prepping us for fall. Lovely cool mornings and earlier sunsets.

Regular morning tasks tbd. Washer is doing a self clean now since I did dog bed yesterday.

Dog’s been taken care of. Also did some reading on the Nexguard warnings. Should discuss the pros & cons with the vet. Our girls been taking it since she was a pup for a skin disease. We had tried a bunch of stuff and that was the only thing that worked. But do I want her to develop seizures or tremors? 

Leftovers from yesterday’s house blessing - empty trash, dust. Today’s mission. New month habit: Before Bed Routine (need to get DD on that)

Yoga sounds like a good exercise for today. 

Finish setting up New month in planner. 

Need to finish setting up the tuition payment plan 

Almost done with room cleanout. Have my old Arbonne gear in there that I need to find a new home for or toss. Have all my wrapping supplies in there too. Need to clean & organize that mess.  Then it’s time to clean & decorate.

Classes start next Tuesday. At least they are doing virtual meet ups almost nightly this week. The kids are so desperate for socialization I don’t blame them one bit.

I came across a virtual movie discussion group the library is doing starting this month. Going to sign up for that.

I’ll make dd tortellini for a quick dinner and I’ll try to finish up some leftovers. DH is working a double. 

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From: scapermom


Zone 1 Mission #1 Tuesday
Dear Friends: We are in the Front Porch, Entrance Area and Dining Room Zone.Today take a look at the walls and the windows in your dining room.Grab some cleaner and a cloth and go after the finger prints and smudges!
Be careful with the walls as not to rub too hard to remove paint! This is a mission that will make the room appear just a bit brighter. Have fun and enjoy! 
Remember You can do ANYTHING for 15 minutes!

From: friedchickn


Oof I woke up with an idea why.  I guess I'm just tired of this #### with no relief in sight (and if we are all honest with's gonna go downhill this fall)

Had a moderately successful trip to the farm stand.  Had to hit 2 to get eggs...but in the process got all the salad fixings I could imagine for dinner.

ROMWOD and side planks done.  Workout at noon.  Yoga at 5.


Today is dog bowls and too.

Walgreens challenge...6000 steps.

Need to vacuum under the dining room table and then lug it upstairs to do the master floor.

DD is on dinner duty...she already said she has no I told her pasta and meatballs.  Keep it simple kid.

My new puzzle arrived yesterday.  I'm stoked about that.

And I guess I'll wash the dining room windows since I'm in there and they're gross....for today's flylady interpretation....