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Wednesday, September 2nd - To Do

Started Sep-2 by scapermom; 74 views.

From: scapermom


What’s doing today?

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From: scapermom


Didn’t follow FlyLady’ s habit of the new month last night and went to bed too late.

Dog’s been taken care of & laundry is now in the dryer.

Got my veggie bag this morning off the porch. Need to clean, store & figure out how I’ll use it all. It’s tomato & corn season here in NJ. Also got onions, potatoes & peppers. Would like to dry out the onions but it’s pretty wet out.

Today’s my day for desk duty. So I’ll do bills and file, along with other financial tasks.

Made good headway in the Study room for DD yesterday. Some more to do today and then we’re ready for redecorating. 

May need a bank trip. Or I’ll send DH he’s home.  He needs to take his mom on errands. Though not sure if he’ll do it today or other day.

Arm workout and maybe a walk at home vid.

No idea about dinner. I didn’t really plan this week. Maybe burgers, corn & salad?

DD & I finished watching The Boys last night. Eh... lots of gore for gore’s sake. I expected more.

Never got back to reading. Going to try to get that done tonight. 


From: friedchickn


Met my friend for coffee at 8 am.....earliest I've been up and about in months?!?!?!  

On the plus is cleaned up, dump run is complete.  Picked up 2 books dd had on hold at the library and scored some black eyed susans.  Hit walgreens for a few needs and some chocolate...we are basically all out.  Horror!!!  Post office to get mail and another roll of stamps.

Just had a small nibble, letting it settle in and then I'll hit the gym to do today's workout, romwod and side planks.  Just get it all done at once!!!  Need 6000 steps....and I had to recharge my I missed a bunch of steps.  Grrrrr.  If it stops raining I may have to take a walk to achieve it.

piano practice.

sour dough starter....gonna make some cheddar cheese biscuits to go with dinner....jambalaya and jalapeno sausages.  

I think dh ordered the dishwasher gap parts....need to confirm.  I got all the info for him yesterday and put the new screens in while I was there.  With my FIL's, annoyance more like it.

Need to put away laundry and vacuum the master today, I didn't manage to get to it yesterday.

I'd also like to get a chapter or 2 of my book done.

And sort the pile of mail....


From: scapermom


I know what you mean about charging the fitbit & loss of steps! I inevitably leave it all day charging and miss logging most of them on charge day...

speaking of dishwashers - do you recommend any brands in particular? I’ve been researching and it’s very frustrating. DH wants to go for the Bosch - he’s liked that brand for years. I’d be happy with a Maytag. Don’t think we need to spend that much for a dishwasher. All the other appliances need to be updated soon as well. I’ve had them all for like 25 years now. (GE profiles came with house, and Kenmore fridge) I know nothing I get will last that long now. 


From: friedchickn


I like Bosch. We’ve had decent luck with Jenn Air.

It’s all a crap shoot right now as they’re all back ordered til Xmas....