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Tuesday, September 8th - To Do

Started Sep-8 by scapermom; 87 views.
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From: scapermom


Tuesday that feels like a monday! First day of college for my girl! First virtual class starts at 9:25. No idea about the rest. Just made a sign for her room as a finishing touch first day of school surprise. 

Today I want to clean all the dog towels. That is a huge process of first shaking them all out outside, then soaking them in the slop sink With bleach, then washing several times on the sanitizing setting. Then sanitizing the washer.

I don’t know what the fly mission is yet, but I want to finish the stove. I got started on that yesterday. Though I gave myself a manicure yesterday and it’s a sure fire way to ruin that...

found a new walk at home video I want to try. I’ll add an arm workout. Think I’llneed to invest in more weights, have 3 & 5lbs, but don’t want to get crazy.

Really wanted to be better planned for meals this week. I’ve got leftover pork dd & i can finish for dinner. But know dh is going to be hungry when he gets home late tonight, so should prep something else. I took chicken wings out of the freezer yesterday, I’ll make those if they’re defrosted. Going to try them in the air fryer.

Finished the 3rd ep of The Boys last night. Have to wait til friday now. Think I’ll try to get back reading tonight. Or watch the movie for the discussion group. 

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From: scapermom


Today’s Mission - I or someone is always at the sink. There’s never a pile up in there. I keep it shiny!  So I’m doing the stove as my mission today Instead.

Zone #2 Mission #2 Tuesday
Dear Friends, Let's go back to basics and get rid of the dirty dishes. Any dishes that are in the sink or on the counter or hidden in the oven, you know where you hide them, WASH them! Take the bull by the horns and just do it! Wash, them, dry them, put them away! If you have a dishwasher, fill it, run it, and empty it, if they all won't fit into the dishwasher then you have to hand wash those! No waiting for the next load! DO IT! Once you have finished taking care of the dishes, Shine that SINK!


From: friedchickn


dd's school is running on a Monday she has no classes today.  She's gonna help me do a few things around the house....which is crazy needed.

Geez....a long weekend really does have a way of screwing everything wow.  Really need to get organized for this week.

Once I get today's list compiled....dropping off kid's backpack food at the elementary.

Gym workout at 1:15.  Dd and I will romwod before that and this month is side planks...last week was 30 sec...might up it to 40 this week

piano prcatice

walgreens challenge

dog claws and bowls

cat litter

water plants

bills/receipts/emails...week money

fix my chewy order, appliance delivery and start a cart for the CSA

oh....and dinner.


From: friedchickn


My sink has dishes in it...maybe for 20 min a day...shortly after breakfast, shortly after lunch and shortly after dinner....I always try to have it empty and clean....savages