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Wednesday, September 9th - To Do

Started Sep-9 by scapermom; 68 views.

From: scapermom


What cha got today?


From: friedchickn


Dump Day!!!!  Took the trash, recycling and redemption.  Stuffed the old boat mattress and the old dishwasher in the back of the truck too!!  Big day.  lol

Next up....need to fold and put away the rest of the laundry...basically get the F out of the laundry room cause it's not my day to be in there.

Septic tank is getting pumped today.  That should be an adventure.  I'm not entirely sure where it is...

Need to feed the sourdough starter.  No clue what I'm doing with the discard.  Maybe waffles tomorrow?

Workout, romwod and 40 s side planks

Piano practice

Walgreens challenge....need one more day of 10,000 steps.  Ended up taking a dog walk with dd after dinner last night.  In the dark.

Never got to the dog claws yesterday.

Started reading American's sooooo good.

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From: scapermom


EARTHQUAKE! Last night at 2am we all got woken up by a 3.1 magnitude one. WTF?!? We had no idea what it was. Thought something blew up. DH thought a tree fell on the house. Neighbors were outside with a flashlight looking for something... it was complete chaos. Then I went on twitter and #earthquake and #newjersey were trending. So I found my answer. Crazy 2020! What is next? Pestilence? Oy!

so slept in a bit since it was real hard to get back to sleep after the quake. Thankfully no damagaes anywhere. (That we’ve heard of).

lots of coffee needed. Got laundry going, dd is up & had breakfast first class is just starting. After it she has a long break until like 4 or 5. 

DH is home but will be taking his mom for a dr. Appt soon. Maybe errands for her too. 

It’s Wednesday so I’ll get to bills & filing. 

Also the mission. 

Dog walk at some point. Never got to the walk at home vid yesterday. But did do 2 dog walks. So maybe today?

got fresh Roma tomatoes in CSA bag so going to turn them into a small jar of Fresh tomato sauce. Need to come up with a plan for using the rest of whats in the bag - cilantro, yellow squash, giant cucumbers & collard greens.

Dinner will be baked/roasted sausage, peppers, onions & potatoes 

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From: scapermom


Zone #2 Mission #3 Wednesday
Dear Friends, Let's have a Fire Drill on the flat surfaces of the kitchen!Do you have a hotspot in there that is burning? Get out the trash bag and an empty laundry basket. Toss the trash and put the things that need to be put away in other rooms in the laundry basket. Once you have cleared the hotspots, deliver the other items to the proper rooms.
This might take a little longer than 15 minutes, if so, then work for 15 minutes, take a break for 15 and go do another 15. Let's put out those fires!