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Thursday, September 17th - To Do

Started Sep-17 by scapermom; 63 views.
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From: scapermom


Remembering the days when I had time to myself in the mornings... quiet time just isn’t possible when DH is home and DD gets up early for classes. So happy I made that oatmeal bake earlier in the week, at least I don’t have to be a short order cook prior to having my coffee. Going to put some eggs in the IP since the oatmeal is nearly gone.

DH just left to take his mom to therapy and on her errands & DD has started classes. So Now I can relax a bit. More coffee! 

I did get to feed & let the dog out at least prior to the storm. I just put up a wash load too. Kitchen clean up started. 

Leftovers from yesterday - upload receipts, file.

Need to give myself a mani pedi

Have a couple of youtube Exercise vids to watch and do

go through coupon circulars

The mission: 

Zone 3: Mission #4 Thursday
Dear Friends: The bathroom sink is calling you! Let's shine our bathroom sinks and counter tops. Scrub the sink and the faucets, wipe down with Windex (remember to be careful that you are not mixing Windex with any bleach products, make sure you rinse very well before using the Windex). Take time to wipe down your counter tops and give them a shine as well.
Your mission for your Stash and Dash space is to go back again to throw away anything that needs to be tossed or recycled. We are going back to do this again because now that we have peeled back one layer it is very possible that there is more to be tossed or another space to toss from.

Lunch -chicken quesadillas 

dinner - Eggroll in a bowl 


From: friedchickn


I'm having a silent peaceful up early to make sourdough biscuits for dd and dh before they ran out into the world.  dd has an interview for a medical assistant job....2 hours away, geez louise.  dh is off to finalize the purchase of the jetski and get it in the water.  So I got to enjoy my coffee and my puzzle in peace and quiet.  

Just finished cleaning up my email...a bunch of tiny tasks were building up in there.  Now I'm looking at today's list...which isn't too bad.

Romwod, it's the long one.  And yoga class tonight.  Crazy side plank curls for 30 s each side.

Piano 2 new pieces yesterday....

Toilets.  Yuck

Weekend menu for the boat...maybe a trip to the grocery for it and maybe some cooking.

And my last day this week for 10,000 steps...assuming I can get there....

Been going back and forth this morning with my potential new renters about what furniture they want from the trailer.  Dh wants the trailer empty...sigh.  He can be such a brat sometimes.  Gonna set up a time next week for her to see some of the stuff and then we will go from there....

Confirmed with my father in law that saturday is hazardous waste collection day....we have a giant box from the barn that needs disposing.  

Also worked out that he doesn't want to shovel/plow the whole property...just his tiny portion...cause that helps neither of us a bit.  What's it gonna save me...$5.  If I have to get the plow guys....I have to get the plow guys.  They don't give a fig.