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Saturday, September 19th - To Do

Started Sep-19 by scapermom; 63 views.
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From: scapermom


Summer’s over so getting back to a weekend list. Not that it really matters here since every day is mostly the same and with DHs schedule it feels like the weekend starts on Wednesdays! (P.s. he will be bidding for a new shift in the next week - so his days off/on and even shift could change!) 

Today’s focus will be on prep for the week ahead.

DHs uniforms need cleaning. 

Want to try making a morning glory muffin recipe for quick breakfasts. (The baked oatmeal last week was a hit.) Will also prep a couple of overnight oats.

meal planning

still have a stack or 2 of papers to go through.

Dog walks. Plank. 

Have to make a hair appointment 

new episode of The Boys to watch. 

No idea about dinner. Made chicken last night, so going to vote for take out tonight.