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Tuesday, September 22nd - To Do

Started Sep-22 by scapermom; 122 views.

From: scapermom


What’s the list for today?

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From: scapermom


Morning triad - dog, laundry, kitchen 

think DD has late classes today so she won’t be up for breakfast service in the ‘dining hall’. Think I’ll steam some eggs in the IP so she can grab & go an egg with her muffin. Once she starts she’s got a full slate. 

some leftover tasks from yesterday like vacuuming downstairs and collecting trash.

Dog walk and workout. 

when it gets warmer later I’d like to work a bit in the garden. Salvage what I can before the frost hits and maybe plant garlic again for next year. Hoping it grows bigger than what I got this year. 

Chicken salad for lunches.

Taco soup for dinner

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From: scapermom


Zone 4: Mission #2 Tuesday
Dear Friends:Today we are going to focus on the "stuff" that is hanging around in our bedroom that need to be put away but we just have not gotten around to. Set your timer for 15 minutes and go to it. Hang up the clothes, put the laundry basket of clothes away, take the coffee mug on the nightstand to the kitchen and turn around and come right back, don't get sidetracked. Better yet, have an empty laundry basket and toss in the things that do not belong in your room and then take the basket around the house and deliver the items. Put things away and get the things that don't belong out of there.

From: friedchickn


Well yesterday I did the best that I could....never worked out, or romwod or heck even the bridge pose for 30 s.  So that's priority 1 today.

Need to fold and put away yesterday's laundry.  Started a load of dog laundry.

piano practice

Never got to cat that's priority numero dos.

Dog claws and dog bowls.

walgreens challenge...I didn't do too bad yesterday considering I spent 5 hours in the car...but I also didn't achieve the challenge which means I still have 4 days to go.  Ugghhh

Yoga at 5

A check statement

Schedule a day to show the new renters the furniture in the trailer

Update the lease with the new address I got from the state

Add the jetski and boats (yes still plural as the other hasn't sold) to my registration schedule

wash the front door and clean the ceiling fan in my office.

Lunch is leftovers.  And I'm making a sweet potato soup (use up 2 sweet potatoes that are looking sad) for dinner....fresh rolls and a salad to round it out.


From: scapermom


Hey I’m doing dog laundry too today! Twinsies? Lol

I did a new workout yesterday I found on Youtube and my legs are killing me today - there were a bunch of those walking lunge things. Felt good doing it though. The girl that was in the video had the best body too. I could also be her mother. So should have realized.

Someone here started a company where she comes to your house and cuts dog nails (cat’s and other animals as well) What a great idea! My girl only needs it for her dew claws since her walks on the streets here naturally file them. (Also messes up her paws though & I need to get some mushers cream or something for them)


From: friedchickn


Being sore from a workout isn't a bad thing...that's how you build muscle.  And muscle burns calories from pumpkin muffins and vodka.  LOL

He's not hard to do his nails....he just lies there with a sad look on his face.  The cat's don't struggle either.  You have to start when they're young and remain calm and tenacious...LOL.