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Thursday October 8th - To Do

Started Oct-8 by scapermom; 141 views.
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From: scapermom


A little behind this morning, but getting it done. Dog’s been mostly taken care of, then laundry and finally kitchen.

Leftovers from yesterday include the Fly-mission, filing, uploading receipts.

Dog walk, workout.

 It’s errand day, bank & Kohls. 

It would have been the start of Comic Con today and they’re doing virtual panels so DD & I will check a few of them out. 

Lunch: leftovers

Dinner: Sheet pan burgers


From: friedchickn


I don't know how much more of dh's vacation I can take....I'm drowning and getting very irritable.  Everytime I try to do something he needs my assistance or needs me to look at something or get something.  Can't he do a project by himself?  I'm trying to remind myself of all the projects that are getting done...and that I should be thankful...but man, I don't know....

And if he says WE'RE on vacation to one more person I'm gonna choke him...

How do women deal with their spouses when they retire????

Ok.  Dd got mail yesterday and of course it was filled with things to I've done those.  Just need to drop the one bill I can't pay online off at the PO.  Would have handed it to dh....but he has a habit of forgetting to mail things.  Sigh.  It's fine I'll drop it on my way to yoga tonight.

Workouts today will just consist of a 1 min bridge pose and yoga tonight

Piano practice

Dog claws....which just keep getting pushed and  I'll probably do that next just to get it done with.


Drag another load of crap up to the attic.  Gonna focus on what's in the attached make some accessible storage available.

Then I'm hoping to grab dh and hit the big grocery for backpack food and boat food.  For that ...he will actually be very helpful cause I won't have to watch the cart or my purse.

And the linens I changed on Tuesday.  

Dh is headed to the hardware store for a set screw and a piece of wood for an additional bathroom shelf I've asked for maybe those things will get done today.

Dinner is out....although I will be making a meaty cheesy loaf with the sourdough discard from yesterday.


From: scapermom


Not that you need another thing to do but here;s today’s mission:

Zone 2: Mission #4 Thursday
Dear Friends, Today we are going after the big appliances!I am not telling you to clean your ovens and tear apart your refrigerators. Just wipe off the fingerprints, the spills and the dried food that gets stuck on the stove, dishwasher and the refrigerator. Wipe down the doors, handles and surfaces.This is not a detailed cleaning mission where you need to spend hours scrubbing, just 15 minutes to surface clean your large appliances.

From: friedchickn


I did clean the water spigot on the fridge was gross.

My oven vent looks like crap but that's not happening today