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Wednesday, October 14th - To Do

Started Oct-14 by scapermom; 114 views.

From: scapermom


What’s on today’s list?

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From: scapermom


Day’s started - laundry going, dog done (she keeps licking one of her paws ugh), breakfasts & kitchen tbd.

dh needs to make his bid for new shift/days, He may head there, may do it from the phone. Hasnt decided yet. I’m laying low, but being supportive, until it’s done. He’s probably losing the weekend day off. We’ll see.

Need a costco run since we’re out of dog food.

It’s wednesday so bills, filing etc. 

veggie box Delayed until friday. fine I’ve still got some.

Leftover from yesterday, make dentist/doctor appointments

continue with paper clutter clean out

Tonight is a virtual school gathering for parents At 6 so need to get dinner done by then. Thinking they’re going to announce plans for spring. Too early? Probably. They’re going to piss someone off I’m sure.

speaking of dinner... I’ll pick something up at costco.


From: friedchickn


Just flipped's not my day for the laundry I kinda have to be out of there and not holding dd up.  She's still working out and hasn't started any laundry so I'm good.  I just need to not forget it in the dryer.  I'm sure she'll remind me if I do....ahhh the pleasure they take in

Waiting to start the dishwasher til dd has breakfast.  Probably should have run it after dinner...actually thought I did.

Need to drop the food at the kids pantry...the lady finally got back to me.  You'd think she'd be more responsive and you'd be horribly wrong.

Dump day.  Dh has the 2nd half of the deck from the duplex in the back of the truck.  My stuff won't wit, so I'll have to make a separate trip.  Oh joy.

Didn't get to dog bowls yesterday cause the bugger didn't eat  til after dinner....he's such a lazy eater.

Romwod and bridge pose....not sure if I can fit a workout in today.

Lunch with my lady a new to me place a few towns over.

piano lesson

walgreens challenge

Oh...sour dough starter.  I may push til tomorrow.


From: scapermom


I don’t think I’ll be doing this one today

Zone 3: Mission #3 Wednesday
Dear Friends: Bathroom Mission: Today you are to wash your bathroom rugs, shower curtains and accessories. This will take longer than 15 minutes and for those of you that are working outside the home you may have to schedule this. In total, to take the rugs to the machine and bring them back to the bathroom is less than 15 minutes but the wait time for the washing machine and dryer will take up some time. If you have not rebooted your laundry this is a good time to do that!
For the guest bedroom, Get your feather duster and get the cobwebs out of the corners. I have a bad habit to not step foot in our guest bedroom for a few days, and when I do it is only for a second. I am sure this is a cringe worthy mission, however it has to be done.
You CAN do this, YOU have the power to be brave.