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Thursday, October 15th - To Do

Started Oct-15 by scapermom; 110 views.
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From: scapermom


Slept like crap. Had my pre-physical this morning so had to get up & out to be there by 8. It was tough but I did it. Currently downing coffee #2 just to feel normal. 

DH had to get up & out to take his dad for a blood test then his mom for therapy & shopping.

Have laundry going. Kitchen clean up in progress. Dog is out of luck this morning as far as food goes. She needs to lose weight anyway. She’ll get walked later when I have more energy & it warms up a bit.

Have some basic housework to do. The mission, probably yesterday’s too. I think that’s all I’ll manage.

Have to get DH on track with his projects there are so many and more keep popping up. 

Easy & short workout later. 

Take out for dinner from our favorite seafood place. I want something with lobster. Haven’t had that in too long. 


From: friedchickn


How is it Thursday already....

Well, I'm paying for taking time for myself yesterday.  LOL.  It was still worth it.

Dh got paid....somehow I forgot today was the 15th.  Didn't schedule doing now I've added that to today's giant list.

Romwod and 1 min bridge.  Yoga tonight.

piano practice.  Need to print out my new music.  (sounds like a 5 min task and it probably is....but I once worked with a supervisor who said you can only do so many 5 min tasks in a day.  So true)


Pushed sourdough starter and dog bowl cleaning to today.  Aren't I glad I did that now....sigh

Picked up a felting block yesterday that my friend and I are gonna split.  Need to figure out how to cut it in 1/2 without savaging it.  And then drop it off.

Got contacted by dd's hematologist that they want to schedule a zoom  So I need to get on that today.

I have at least 2 healthcare reimbursements to submit.

The set screws for the kitchen window cranks at my ILs came yesterday.  So I want to go do that.  Also need to check in and finalize a few changes on the other side.  THIS WILL NOT TAKE 5

Dinner....I think I have a lasagna roll recipe that uses pizza dough floating around here...

And....wanna pick 2 things from the low fruit list and just get em done.  That list is getting OUT OF CONTROL.