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Friday, October 16th - To Do

Started Oct-16 by scapermom; 125 views.

From: scapermom


What’s happening today?

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From: scapermom


Woke up at 6 but then went back to bed. Got up around 8:30. 

slow going morning. Took care of the dog & DD had her breakfast & started class. Haven’t gotten to the rest of my morning routine yet. On coffee #2. So soon laundry, & kitchen cleanup.

Found the veggie bag on the porch so need to go through it, clean, pack up & figure out how I’m using. I see basil so I’ll be making some pesto with that for sure. 

Noticed a ton of emails building up so need to go through those. Also some reading of the tabs I’ve been saving.

Today’s mission

Maybe pesto pizza with chicken for dinner?


From: friedchickn


A much better description would apparently be ....what isn't happening today.  Sigh

Got up earlier than I like to go to NH to close an account and to hit the cheap ass liquor store.  Couldn't close the account cause they are missing a transaction, not us...them.  So now we are waiting on a call to try again.  Sigh.  And the liquor store was randomly closed.  I'm guessing cause of a covid positive test?  But who the hell knows.


we stopped and had breakfast.

On the way home, Dh turned his mail in ballot into the town office and gave them a check for the kids ski at least something got done.  Sort of.

My FIL...who is residing the garage, don't ask...he needed a project and honestly I don't care if the garage burns to the ground.  Removed the 2 windows and took them to the dump.  Then went to get windows.  Can you guess how this ends?....yup....they are back ordered...til who the hell knows when.  I.  Just.  Can't.

Today's tasks....cause despite all this fail, I need to keep going....

Piano practice

Romwod and 1 min bridge.  Gonna pass on a workout...I think.  Might change my mind when my attitude improves

Cat litter

walgreens challenge

dog bowls....still.  he ate his breakfast about 5 min before he thought he was getting dinner yesterday.  and I'm not dumb enough to put 2 meals at a time in a dog's stomach.  On the plus side....he ate his breakfast this morning.  

Post office.  I need to pick up the mattress bag so we can take the mattress home from the boat.

Farmer's market at 2:30....cause without my amazing vegetable weighing skills I'm sure they'd collapse.

Then it's off to the boat for the last couple of rainy cold nights....fitting.


From: friedchickn


The pizza sounds delicious....