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Monday, October 26th - To Do

Started Oct-26 by scapermom; 143 views.
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From: scapermom


Rainy day again. At least a bit warmer. 

Started the Weekly house blessing By stripping the bed, collecting towels, Cleaned kitchen table & replaced linens. Now enjoying coffee and a bit of relaxing.

I’ll get to the rest of the WHB After breakfast & kitchen cleanup but am not mopping floors since they will be trashed by days end anyway. Supposed to keep raining for days.

the yoga class i did yesterday kicked my butt. It wasn’t even that tough, It was basic Hatha (with some new Twisty moves I’venever done and killer side planks). Just moved muscles I haven’t moved ina while and am feeling it today.

Think I’ll just do some stationary biking and arm work today. I should see what other Live classes this place has online and schedule them.

Dog walk in between rain fall.

Leftovers from yesterday include watering the plants. Also didn’t do all the meal prep I wanted to. So will get to the kale & sausage casserole today. Thinking that’s dinner tonight.

Today’s missions.

Finish the freezer inventory. 
I’ll look around for more papers to purge since I finished with the boxes.

DH & I need to review the new tools for annual enrollment for benefits at his place when he gets home.

Early dinner since tonight is a virtual “Gathering” for DD’s school . The agenda is chock full, supposed to hear about the spring return plan, and the budget cuts, but i doubt they’ll be telling us anything concrete. They remind me so much of the people I worked with. Smoke & mirrors... ugh!


From: friedchickn


And so begins winter....woke up to a light dusting of snow on the ground.  OK.  I can do this....

Started laundry...I have so much laundry.  All the bedding and stuff from the boat.  All our usual clothes.  Arrggghhh.  And then I need to find places for it.  Cause dd is currently occupying my guest bedroom and extra closet.  Might need to invest in some storage containers so I can put it in the attic?  I need mouse and mildew proof.

Started chicken in the sous vide.  No clue on dinner but we brought back sooooo much food from the I need to start thinking about how to use that.

Made the tenth call to the appliance store....swapped out the fridge I wanted for a fridge that's available...and $1000 more.  But at least we will have a fridge....appliances get delivered and installed on Thursday.

Dh and I went over to the ILs to grab a load of stuff to list and to take pictures of the bunk beds with trundle that's upstairs.  I'll get a buyer before I struggle with that.  There's still so much that needs going....and I swear they added #### to my pile. One step at a time....just one step.

Trying out a new yoga instructor today at noon.  Noon will be a nice time to get out and do I'm hoping I like her.

And then back to the usual grind...

bills, receipts and emails

week money distribution

walgreens challenge

piano practice

cat litter

water plants

and fix the weekly list for our new schedule....since no boating weekends.

DD started her job today.  Up and out at 6 am to get to orientation on time.  She was soooo nervous and soooo excited.


From: scapermom


Oh no snow already? Though now that i think about it we’ve had snow on halloween a few times. I remember going trick or treating with my winter coat over my costume as a kid.

I’m learning that about appliances. Really low stock On dishwashers at all the stores and cant get the one I want til December or so if that. But then DH checked The knob that goes to it and it’s stuck (never been moved in the 20 something years we’re here) And now has to replace it. So project added and a delay on getting a new dishwasher. 

Hope your daughter has a great first day! 


From: friedchickn


At least you have a correction in sight....the knob.

Lots of stuff is a struggle....huge uptick in construction and covid have made lots of stuff unavailable.  It's best.

My ILs said they'd be fine without a fridge...and I know I'd be fine....but then....they're not always on the ball with stuff lately and I really don't need the added stress.  I've got enough on my plate.


From: scapermom


Your Zone Mission for today is to clear off the hotspots in your Living Room to prepare for your holiday decorations.
Your Holiday Mission for today is to jot down in your Holiday Planner that you were to put together (Holiday Mission #2) what decorations you want to use and what rooms you want to put them in. That is it. You are not to drag out the decorations just yet. We will get there! For now just make a plan of what you want to use and what room you want to use them in. This is to plan what you want to use that you already own. If you have candle lights that you put into the windows, centerpieces, advent calendars etc. Just jot them down in your notebook.

From: friedchickn


Hmm....I really don't have alot